SM and JYP Girl Group Visuals Are Pitted, Aespa Called A Little Disappointing

: It’s no secret that SM Entertainment is the position for good-looking and stunning idols. But the visuals of the feminine idols made via JYP Entertainment are no much less spectacular.
Topics round Ok-Pop idol visuals by no means fail to get the consideration of netizens. As lately, netizens are debating the visuals of which idol agency is the best, SM or JYP Entertainment.
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It’s no secret that SM Entertainment is the position for good-looking and stunning idols. The agency is also known as Lee Soo Man’s flower lawn as a result of of the many idols with spectacular visuals.

Talking about SM feminine idols, the visuals which were known via netizens are Girls’ Generation’s Yoona, f(x)’s Krystal and Sulli, Red Velvet’s Irene and Karina aespa.

Even even though SM is known as a flower lawn, the visuals of feminine idols from JYP Entertainment are no much less spectacular. The agency based via Park Jin Young may be a professional in girl workforce issues.

Apart from Wonder Girls’ Sohee, a number of JYP visuals that netizens have known are Suzy, TWICE’s Tzuyu, ITZY’s Shin Yuna and NMIXX’s Sullyoon who simply debuted.

The visible comparability of SM and JYP for sure sparked debate amongst netizens. However, some netizens assume that Aespa’s visuals are slightly disappointing when put next to their predecessors.

“I think JYP’s visuals are more natural and more popular with the public. SM’s visuals are the type that only their fandom likes,” commented netizens. “To be honest, when it comes to visuals, JYP is the winner,” added any other netizen.

“In my personal opinion, for an idol, I think SM’s visuals are standard,” wrote a netizen. “To be honest, the visuals of SM’s aespa are a bit disappointing, but overall, I think SM’s visuals are amazing,” stated any other.

“Even if other fans say that the standard beauty is SM, how is it different from the fourth generation? I think Sullyoon is even prettier than the Aespa members. Honestly, he stands out as an individual, and I prefer Aespa as a team,” concluded any other.

Regardless of the netizens’ debates above, it’s plain that all of them have above reasonable visuals. What do you assume?

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