“Something doesn’t feel right”: Fans claim Lydia might have a crush on Max in Welcome to Plathville Episode 6

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Welcome to Plathville returned with an all-new episode on Tuesday night. Titled Dirty Little Sinners, the episode showcased many of the changes that have been taking place in the Plath family. However, one thing that struck fans as odd was Lydia’s behavior.

Despite knowing that Moriah broke up with Max because he cheated on her and that her sister didn’t approve of him, Lydia continued to speak to Max and hang out with him. Viewers who watched the episode claimed that Lydia might have a crush on Max, which would explain why she was spending time with him.

Episode 6 of Welcome to Plathville featured Kim and Moriah having a talk about Max. Kim decided to visit Moriah in Tampa. Although Ethan still wasn’t on good terms with his mother, he agreed to drop Moriah off. The mother and daughter duo then went for a walk on the beach.

During her confessional, Kim shared that Moriah opened up to the family about the video Max had posted on his social media channels. It was about their breakup, and Moriah was deeply saddened by it. She later told the family the rest of the story about how Max cheated on her. Kim shared that her heart sank when she heard about it.

Later, during a conversation, Moriah told her mother that it had come to her notice that Max had been hanging out with her sisters. Moriah added that Lydia also met up with Max very recently to talk. The Welcome to Plathville star added that she believed it was unhealthy for her sister to keep in touch with Max.

During her confessional, Moriah shared that Lydia was the main person she needed to talk to. Lydia met with Max and spoke to him without even considering how that would make Moriah feel. Moriah told her mother that she knew Lydia wouldn’t have done so with the intention of hurting her, but she believed that the communication gap with her sister could lead to problems later on.

Fans slam Lydia for keeping in touch with Max despite knowing what happened in Welcome to Plathville

Fans who watched the episode took to social media to claim that something wasn’t right with Lydia’s behavior. Some also claimed that the younger sister might have a crush on Moriah’s ex-boyfriend.

More details on what happened this week on Welcome To Plathville

After last week’s drama between Ethan and Olivia in Cairo, the couple is finally back in Tampa. When Ethan arrived and decided to have a talk with Olivia, she told her husband that she needed some time to focus on herself.

Next week’s episode will see Moirah sit down with Lydia to have a conversation. She will confront her younger sister about meeting up with Max and ask her if there is anything going on between them. Kim and Barry will also have a conversation about their relationship and where it’s leading them.

More drama is set to unfold next week when the reality TV series returns. Welcome to Plathville airs every Tuesday night at 10.00 pm ET only on TLC. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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