Song Kang Faces Duo of Ex-Cheating on ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’

Euphoria Forecasting Love and Weather: Han Ki Joon is Jin Ha Kyung’s (Park Min Young) ex-fiance. Meanwhile, Chae Yoo Jin is Lee Si Woo’s (Song Kang) ex-girlfriend. The two had an affair and got married.
“Forecasting Love and Weather” will broadcast the latest episode on Saturday (26/2). Ahead of the broadcast, the JTBC drama production team released a photo of Song Kang’s scene with Yoon Park and Girl’s Day’s Yura.
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It is known together, Han Ki Joon (Yoon Park) and Chae Yoo Jin (Yura Girl’s Day) had an affair with each other and are now married. Han Ki Joon is Jin Ha Kyung’s (Park Min Young) ex-fiance. Meanwhile, Chae Yoo Jin is Lee Si Woo’s (Song Kang) ex-girlfriend.

The relationship between the four of them became very awkward because they worked in the same office. To make the whole situation even more complicated, Jin Ha Kyung and Lee Si Woo started dating secretly after working together on the same team.

In the previous episode, Han Ki Joon found out that Chae Yoo Jin had lied about his relationship with Lee Si Woo. The woman didn’t want her husband to know that she and Lee Si Woo had been romantically involved.

Even when Han Ki Joon recognized Lee Si Woo as the man who disrupted their marriage by taking away a bouquet of flowers, Chae Yoo Jin insisted that he was someone else. The atmosphere became hotter after Han Ki Joon found intimate photos of Chae Yoo Jin and Lee Si Woo first.

In the newly released stills, Han Ki Joon angrily confronts Lee Si Woo about something when Chae Yoo Jin nervously watches him. Lee Si Woo must also be very upset because Han Ki Joon used to snatch Chae Yoo Jin and hurt Jin Ha Kyung.

Accompanying the photo of the scene above, the producer of “Forecasting Love and Weather” leaked the tense moment by saying, “(In episode 5), Si Woo and Ki Joon and Yoo Jin will face off in one place.

“Because of their entangled relationship with each other, you guys can practically see sparks flying just by looking at them. Please pay attention to the tension between the three people, which will explode in tonight’s episode,” added the producer. Don’t miss watching it.

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