Stephen King REVOLTS and talks about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; understand

The hell for many other people started this previous Wednesday (24) when Russia introduced a full-scale invasion of Ukraine at the behest of Vladimir Putin, rushing all hopes that the escalating war may just be handled diplomatically. Follow Wikistardom for more updates.

The unfolding state of affairs is an absolute freak show as international leaders are scrambling to reply in the wake of the assaults – and possibly that’s why Stephen King, the grasp of horror himself, felt the want to have his say in the case.

“What most of us learned when we were kids playing on the playground: you don’t stand still while a big kid hits a little kid. You can take a punch or two to make the big boy stop, but this is the right thing to do.”


Apparently King is looking the United States and different NATO member international locations to interfere in the disagreement. So a long way, President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have threatened sanctions towards Russia, however Putin has long gone forward and attacked anyway.

In flip, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy introduced that the nation was chopping off all diplomatic ties with Russia and mentioning martial regulation.

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