Surprised that Fuji is still being bullied, Ely Sugigi: I’m speaking based on facts!

: Ely Sugigi has lately been criticized for being insulting about Vanessa Angel’s sister-in-law, Fuji. Feeling pissed off, Ely additionally gave a placing message to netizens.
Ely Sugigi’s opinion about Fujianti Utami’s habits turns out to have a protracted tail. Even even though he has apologized for citing Fuji superstar syndrome, lately Ely has made some other tacky remark.
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Ely quipped Fuji as a global artist. He additionally discussed once more about Fuji’s perspective.

“I want to be praised. If it’s Fuji, it’s true that international Fuji beats all of them,” mentioned Ely. “Don’t reverse the facts, okay, what will happen. I don’t want to be like that.”

“That’s right. I saw with my own eyes. I can’t look at people who are arrogant in the slightest. Because I became an artist from scratch. Cie artist,” endured Ely. “So you see, if that person is from scratch, I really struggle from scratch. And I have to fight for people’s praise like that.”

Ely’s remark instantly made netizens livid. Scorn and scathing feedback directed at him once more. As if figuring out that his identify was being talked about, Ely instantly expressed his frustration via his Instagram add on Saturday (26/2).

“Oh, it turns out that this toktok made me blaspheme again… Hey netizens, right, you guys say Fuji is more than me. Now I say he is more international, why are you all blaspheming me again,” wrote Ely whilst importing a video clip of himself. “If you are smart, pay attention to this video, a lot of people have edited it.”

According to Ely, what he has mentioned up to now is a reality. In distinction to netizens who’ve been judging Fuji from social media on my own.

“I’m telling the truth, based on facts,” endured Ely. “If you only pay attention on social media, only his kindness.”

Ely additionally challenged netizens if he had legitimate proof relating to Fuji’s perspective. “I have proof of this fact about him from my best friend, which is clearly not from TM. My experience is that I understand more about the world of entertainment like this and I don’t want to go back and forth with the facts,” mentioned Ely.

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