Teuku Wisnu Praises Shireen Sungkar, This Reason Is Called Makes You Fall In Love

: Teuku Wisnu praised the figure of his spouse, Shireen Sungkar in the latest add on Instagram. Shireen it sounds as if did a easy factor that made Vishnu’s middle calm.
The family life of the superstar couple Teuku Wisnu and Shireen Sungkar has at all times been harmonious with out indirect gossip since the two of them married in 2013. Vishnu by no means hesitated to reward Shireen’s figure.
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Recently, Vishnu uploaded a brief video that made him fall in love with Shireen. It is claimed that Shireen become a task model when accompanying her eldest son, Adam, learning the Koran with buddies. That’s what became out to make Vishnu’s middle more cool.

“Maa Syaa Allah … a sight that makes my heart cool and fall in love with my wife & children. It may look simple, but for me it’s incredibly peaceful,” mentioned Teuku Wisnu in an Instagram submit on Wednesday (23/2).

“That is, when my wife @shireensungkar became my children’s companion for murojaah and continued the verse with her friends (if Adam is here),” mentioned Teuku Wisnu. “Maa Shaa Allah, for Adam, keep going, kid. Abi’s prayers morning and night accompany Adam’s steps.”

Vishnu then hopes to at all times have a fit with Shireen, particularly in the afterlife. He additionally in short discussed the 7 seasons of the cleaning soap opera “Fitri” which was the starting of his love adventure with Shireen.

“For wives, let alone 7 seasons (biidznillah), until later resurrected and In Shaa Allah we will meet again in Heaven (Aamiin Yaa Rabb), I want you,” persevered Teuku Wisnu. “Eaaaaa Maa Syaa Allah Tabarakallah #TWLoveSS #CeritaAdam #thealfatihs.”

Netizens commented on Vishnu’s submit with various reactions. Not a couple of of them admitted that they have been touched as a result of the expression of Vishnu’s love for Zaskia Sungkar’s sister was so touching.

“So touched, there are bapack2 who make a caption as sweet as the afterlife for his wife,” mentioned the account @galuh***. “Maa sha Allah, I’m really touched abi.. in the 4th ba’it it makes meweep ..” persevered the account @zana ***. “Many captions for Vishnu make me giddy when I talk about his wife and children… it makes me feel good and makes me feel good, euuuyyy, this is actually a great inspiration for couples, Aallooh… Barokallohu Fiikum, bang Wisnu,” added the account @inie ***.

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