The contents of the will allude to abortion, Ayu Aulia is pregnant out of wedlock?

Ayu Aulia Tried Suicide: The contents of the will written by way of Ayu Aulia revealed any other truth. Ayu admitted that she were ordered to have an abortion by way of a man. Who is that man?
Ayu Aulia just lately made a suicide try at her condominium in the Kuningan space, South Jakarta, on Tuesday (22/2) afternoon. Ayu tries to finish her life by way of slashing her wrist.
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The 28-year-old model was discovered coated in blood in her locked room. Ayu’s brother, Adhe, discovered 50 paracetamol tablets and 50 antibiotics there.

It is not known evidently how many medicine Ayu has swallowed. Ayu’s mouth was foamy as a result of she swallowed an excessive amount of drugs.

Before attempting to finish her life, Ayu it sounds as if had skilled melancholy. For days he felt deep disappointment after coming back from America. Reportedly, this is as a result of Zikri Daulay broke his love with Ayu.

However, the contents of Ayu’s will revealed any other truth. In Ayu’s handwritten letter, Ayu to start with wrote an apology to her parents.

Ayu additionally mentioned that she was ordered to have an abortion by way of a man. But that figure is not Zikri, however a man with the initials RO.

“He (initials) RO told me to have an abortion. I’m an abortion, (RO) is evil,” mentioned Adhe studying out Ayu’s will. “It’s better if I don’t have to live in this world anymore. Let me go.”

“There won’t be, a guy who can accept my shortcomings,” persisted Adhe. In the letter, Ayu additionally discussed Zikri’s identify. According to Ayu, Zikri is reluctant to pursue a career with him. “Zikri doesn’t even want to have a career with me,” added Adhe studying Ayu’s letter.

A screenshot of Ayu’s news was uploaded by way of one of the gossip accounts. Various netizen reactions additionally emerged. The factor of Ayu getting pregnant out of wedlock has additionally turn into a netizen dialogue.

“Seriously? Abortion? AA is pregnant? RO who?” ask the account proprietor @onig***uhi. “I’m not surprised that I’m suddenly religious, if I’m pregnant I’m grateful, marriage, not abortion adds sin,” answered the account @yuppy***yup. “Plis really, if you don’t feel strong, seek expert help, suicide is not the answer to your problems, I’m pretty…” answered the account @denad***ery.

Meanwhile, Ayu is recently present process in depth remedy at Abdi Waluyo Hospital, Menteng, Central Jakarta. It is not but known evidently Ayu’s present situation.

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