‘The King’s Affection’ is a success, SF9’s Rowoon experiences pressure while starring in ‘Tomorrow’?

: Rowoon additionally revealed that the explanation why he was so attracted to ‘Tomorrow’ was as a result of he sought after to totally take in the message of the tale while appearing in it.
Rowoon SF9 will quickly greet the target market via the drama “Tomorrow”. The SF9 member will play the persona of Choi Joon Woong, a boy who will get into an unlucky twist of fate while suffering to to find a task.
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Ahead of the premiere of “Tomorrow”, Rowoon underwent an interview to advertise the drama. He to begin with revealed his explanation why for agreeing to superstar in the MBC drama by means of announcing, “I liked the message the drama gave.”

Rowoon was additional requested if he felt any pressure to satisfy the good fortune of his earlier drama “The King’s Affection”. “I don’t feel any pressure about the results at all. Because viewership ratings are something that is determined by heaven (out of our control),” stated Rowoon.

Rowoon revealed that the explanation why he was so drawn to “Tomorrow” was as a result of he sought after to totally take in the message of the tale while appearing in it. “I feel that if I focus on the drama’s message, that meaningful message will also stay with me,” stated Rowoon.

“So I tried to focus more on the essence of the story rather than the outcome. In that case, I think ‘Tomorrow’ will be a drama that gives me comfort as well,” added Rowoon. The good-looking idol then described the function he performed in the drama.

Joon Woong is an strange persona, however he has a lot of sentimental sides. There are occasions when incidents rise up as a result of of that, however the attraction of his persona is that even if he’s nonetheless immature and clumsy, he has a heat middle,” stated Rowoon.

Rowoon additionally thinks that Choi Joon Woong’s persona has the identical character as him. The 1996-born idol shared, “In order to fully blend into the character and show good acting performance, I’m currently acting while thinking that our similarity rate is 0 percent.”

Meanwhile, “Tomorrow” was ready as a change for “Tracer” in the Friday-Saturday night time slot. This drama is scheduled to premiere round March. Don’t omit gazing it.

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