This is Atta Halilintar’s panicked expression when he saw his child being injected for the first time

Aurel Hermansyah Welcomes Baby: Atta Halilintar is now formally a father after Aurel Hermansyah gave birth to their first child. Then Atta gave the impression to be panicked the first time he saw his son being injected.
The famous person couple Atta Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah are feeling happiness after having their first child. Aurel gave birth to a daughter on an attractive date on Tuesday (22/2).
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Now each of them have formally transform parents. Then not too long ago Atta gave the impression to be panicked when he first saw his child being injected.

Baby A should have blood drawn for laboratory exam. At that time, Ashanty additionally gave the impression to be present to accompany his grandson. “The doctor said it had to be now? But I’m not afraid of getting sick. His hands are still soft like this, sorry,” Atta requested.

Ashanty additionally panicked when he saw that his grandson was about to get an injection. “Mas, are you already a babysitter, right?,” Ashanty requested. “Are you sure, mas,” added Atta.

Atta was then noticed pacing the room whilst now and again fending off his eyes as a result of he couldn’t endure to see his son being injected. “Oh my son, oh God, I really feel sorry for being tied down, eh, papa’s child is crying,” he defined.

Even even though at the time of the injection, child A didn’t appear fussy. “Well, sir, don’t have a lot of blood. Have you removed the needle? Oh God, I’m sorry,” stated Atta.

Ashanty then apologized to the officer as a result of he and Atta were fussy. “Thank you, sir, sorry for being rude, sir,” stated Ashanty. No doubt, pictures of Atta’s second when he panicked when his child was about to be injected then reaped various responses when it was re-shared via gossip accounts on Instagram.

“Atta even looks like what it is😂😂gemoyy,” wrote a netter. “If I feel that my first child was injected, I was crying and sobbing 😂😂 Then the second child isn’t anymore 😂 I’ve seen the injection,” stated any other. “My husband used to be like that too.. every immunization is still nervous😂” stated any other.

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