Thought to have broken up, Rachel Vennya and Salim Nauderer were caught eating with auto as gossip material

: Rachel Vennya observed with her boyfriend, Salim Nauderer. The togetherness of this pair of fans gave the impression to amaze me as it was concept that they were not dating.
Rachel Vennya’s togetherness with her lover, Salim Nauderer was a hot dialog on the @playitsafebabyofficial account on Tuesday (22/2). In the uploaded screenshot, it sounds as if Salim and Rachel are in a cafe.
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The second Rachel and Salim ate in combination gave the impression to be captured secretly from a distance. Salim is observed sitting in entrance of Rachel. Meanwhile, Rachel gave the impression busy with the digicam in her hand to seize meals portraits.

The photo add of this lover couple additionally has an overly attention-grabbing description. Netizens who secretly captured the togetherness of the fans gave the impression to remark on Rachel and Salim’s body. “Rachel Salim wkwkwk is the original only :(” reads the textual content in the photo caption.

Not a couple of netizens were busy commenting on the second of togetherness of Rachel and Salim. Some were it sounds as if amazed by means of the togetherness as a result of they concept that Rachel and Salim had broken up. Especially lately, Rachel and her ex-husband, Niko Al Hakim, gave the impression shut when their eldest son was hospitalized.

“Oh still? didn’t he ever flirt with a girl in dm?” stated the account @nge***. “That’s why it’s not as uwu in sg or si? don’t bring pisiqq,” endured the @tz*** account. “Are they still there? I think my father’s ship will dock again,” exclaimed the @alee*** account. “Think it’s closed,” commented the account @low***. “I thought it was broken,” added the @wager *** account.

As is known, the figure of Salim Nauderer is known as Rachel Vennya’s lover. However, when Salim was named a suspect in a quarantine violation case with Rachel, his Instagram account was not active.

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