Tim Weeks (TV personality) ‘Bargain Hunt’ Host’s Wife Alexa Weeks & children

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Tim Weeks spent his childhood in a setting that was constantly buzzing with the activity of an auction house and was packed with antiques.

Before he opened the Wessex Auction Rooms in Draycot Cerne, he went to sales in Badminton and Grittleton and saw his father, who was an auctioneer. He heard the gavel fall at both of those sales. The most important sources of creative motivation for Tim are his family, especially his wife and children. He is a wonderful example to his wife and children.
Weeks is an auctioneer, cataloger, director, and valuer in addition to being a popular television personality in England. Because to the extensive show “Bargain Hunt” on BBC One, he has a lot of fans.
Weeks takes great pride in his roles as co-owner, valuer, and auctioneer at Wessex Auction Rooms, which is a thriving business. The company, which had been established by his auctioneer grandfather, was taken over by him and his business partner, Martin Hughes, in January of 2016.

Alexa Weeks, the wife of Tim Weeks

Tim Weeks enjoys a tranquil personal life in addition to the prosperity that comes with his work as a well-liked auctioneer. He is blessed with a great marriage, which he shares with his beautiful wife, Alexa Weeks. Tim has not yet offered any additional details regarding how the two of them initially met or the specific moment at which they decided to be married.
Nevertheless, as of the year 2021, Tim and his partner Alexa are the proud parents of their two remarkable children. They enjoyed a luxurious and successful lifestyle together with their two kids, Bella Weeks and Albie Weeks.

Tim has a strong desire to maintain his marital privacy and a strong sense of responsibility toward his family and the community in which they live. It’s possible that the auctioneer’s wife Alexa’s steadfast support of his growing career in auctions and biddings is the reason why he hasn’t felt the need to publicly confront his relationship with his wife up to this point in time.
Additionally, Tim has maintained the privacy of his social media accounts, which is one of the primary reasons why there is so little information available regarding his personal life. It is evidence of how carefully he has protected his private life, as he has refused to provide permission to media outlets to utilise his wife, children, or any other members of his family as sources.
His wife, Alexa, feels the same way he does about having to talk to the press. She is more comfortable leading a reclusive lifestyle. Due to the fact that both of their Instagram profiles are hidden, there is not much information on her that can be found online.

Tim Weeks Age

Bargain Hunt, a midday television programme that airs on BBC One and features participation from several experts, will resume broadcasting at noon. Tim Weeks, who spends a significant amount of his time running auctions, said that becoming a member of the team was like a “dream come true.”

Wessex Auction Rooms will be taking over today’s episode of BBC Bargain Hunt, which airs on BBC One at 12:15 – @TimWeeks720 On the rostrum, TimWeeks720 will serve as the gavel master, and @izziebalmer720 will engage in conversation with Eric Knowles about jewellery and bargain hunt. #timweeks #izziebalmer720
His age is still unclear on the website, but judging by his appearance, he must be between the ages of 30 and 35. Additionally, he is not yet featured on Wikipedia; nonetheless, a profile can be found on his employment page.
Tim Weeks was born in England, specifically in Chippenham, somewhere during the 1980s. Tim is a British citizen who is of the Caucasian racial group and also possesses British citizenship.
Peter Weeks, Tim’s father, is the person who has been the most significant impact on his son’s decision to pursue a career as an auctioneer. When he was six years old, he used to spend his weekends watching his father use the gavel at auctions while he sat in a corner of the auction rooms.

Net Worth of Tim Weeks

Because of his extraordinary career as an auctioneer, television personality, radio announcer, and businessman, Tim has amassed a large net worth throughout the course of his life. However, further investigation is being done to determine his precise net worth.
@BBCBargainHunt – I’m going to say that dear Anita Manning is the shortest member of the team, but I have no idea how to rank these specialists in terms of their height – they’re all so tall! They are all quite high on my #estimation, particularly @NickHallFineArt, @afrojunkman, @TimWeeks720, @ochuko ojiri, and @BenCJCooper.
Before bringing his antiques to auction, Weeks makes a big profit by purchasing them at local fairs where they are being sold. His investment of fifty dollars in the purchase of a scrapbook that contained newspaper clippings from the 1940 football season yielded one of the most substantial returns on his capital.
He was successful in selling the book for a price that was greater than $1210. Additionally, in addition to being the manager of Wessex Sales, Tim Weeks is the owner of the company. Additionally, you may catch him live on the BBC2 network, where he is highly regarded as a traditionalist specialist.

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