Tom Cruise and Top Gun team’s K-pop idol pose garners much attention in South Korea

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On June 19 KST, Tom Cruise and the Top Gun: Maverick team, Miles Teller, Glen Powell, Jay Ellis, Greg Tarzan Davis and Jerry Bruckheimer wore jackets fashioned after the gonryongpo, a traditional Korean royal outfit, at the movie’s red carpet event in South Korea.

As the men rocked a pose for the cameras, Teller commented that they looked like a K-pop idol group.

Local netizens appreciated the comment as they gushed about Hollywood and K-pop colliding on South Korean online forums.

The cast were presented with the famous brand Asiha’s gift boxes with a traditional touch. Inside the orange boxes were gonryongpo-inspired bomber jackets. The cast held the jackets up, looking all smiles and excited.

Top Gun: Maverick’s lead cast tap into the local spirit of South Korea during promotions

With only two days remaining for the South Korean premiere, Top Gun: Maverick‘s promotions are in full swing. On June 19 KST, Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Glen Powell, Jay Ellis, Greg Tarzan Davis along with filmmaker Jerry Bruckheimer, met fans at the red carpet event in South Korea.

The cast were offered gifts customized for them – a royal traditional outfit reinterpreted as aviation jackets. Smiles flashed across the actors’ faces as they opened the boxes and the translators introduced what the gift was.

A gonryongpo is an important part of South Korea’s tradition as it is an outfit worn by kings during ancient times. The attire is generally of one color and has huge traditional embellishments on the front, on the sleeves and on the back.

Cruise, who will ring in his 60th birthday in a fortnight, was all smiles during the event and called the jackets “stunning.”

“It’s stunning. This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you very much. I’ll have it framed and put it in my office.”

As the cast wore the gonryongpo jackets and posed for photos, co-star Teller made a comment that filled the room with cheers and laughter. He said,

“We’re the newest K-Pop band.”

Korean host Park Kyung-lim built on the humor and chimed in, saying that they were giving an “ending pose.”

“You’re now looking at their K-Pop ending pose. Team Top Gun, everyone!”

The room, full of reporters and fans, cheered extra loud, while Teller even grooved a bit, enjoying every moment of it.

Previously, when Cruise landed in South Korea, he made finger hearts towards the camera. Finger hearts are a gesture now synonymous with the K-pop industry.

Maverick will finally hit the screens in South Korea on June 22, 2022. Meanwhile, it was released worldwide almost a month ago on May 27. The action-thriller sits at 97% critics rating and 99% audience rating at Rotten Tomatoes.

Critics have lauded the movie for setting a new standard in the era of reboots, and have positively commented on Maverick holding more substance and giving more adrenaline rush than the 1986 Top Gun.

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