Top 10 famous TikTok dances

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Users get to explore famous TikTok dances every day, and they make for a large percentage of one’s growing profile as a creator. Away from the business side of Tiktok, dance and dance challenges are wholesome, fun moments on the app.

Since the video-making app became a global app in 2018, it has witnessed tremendous growth in innovative dance moves and styles. Over time this has birthed famous TikTok dances like the Woah, Renegade, and the Jiggle Jiggle.

One thing to also acknowledge is how these dance styles helped bring back old-time songs and made new music go viral among Millenials and Gen Zs.

Here’s a list of famous TikTok dances that have users in a frenzy.

Ten famous TikTok Dances in 2022

10. Rover

The Rover dance became famous on TikTok when users got wind of it earlier in 2022. The careful steps include motioning as though in a car and turning slightly with your arms stretched before you.

The famous TikTok dance got its name from British rapper S1mba’s 2021 song Rover. The TikTok version was gleaned from the River remix with DTG. It is also the lower and slower version.

9. Next Song

The Next Song has TikTokers shuffling in line with each dancer showing off their skills before swaying off the camera’s view for the next person. The Next Song by star rapper Dababy was released in 2018.

8. Dua Lipa

Although it carries the name of pop star Dua Lipa, it is sung by a different artist and in another genre. Rapper Jack Harlow released Dua Lipa in March 2022 as a song on his sophomore album, Come Home With The Kids.

The famous TikTok dance that goes along with the song involves a mix of some Renegade moves and calculated hand movements to Harlow’s lyrics.

7. Twerkulator

The Twerkulator dance is the perfect fast-paced move TikTokers displayed to the 2021 hit song from JT and Yung Miami of the City Girls duo. Although the song alludes to someone great at the twerk dance, the famous dance was tweaked a bit.

Dancers who jump on the beat make some hip movements, turning left and right before launching forward with salsa-like moves.

6. X Ft J Balvin

A few seconds to minutes of slow circular waist movement is enough to deliver Nicky Jam’s Spanish sound featuring J Balvin. The song, released in 2019, had TikTokers making slow whines and gaining thousands of views.

5. Honest

Honest takes a slow, rhythmic approach, with dancers moving gently to the beat. Honest is Justin Bieber’s song, released in January 2022. The star featured rapper Don Toliver.

The famous TikTok dance has users making dance moves and hand movements slower than the usual fast tempo, which aligns with Bieber’s smooth R&b tone.

4. About D*** Time

This is one viral dance challenge that has had TikTokers racking up views and likes in weeks. The song About D*** Time is sung by music sensation Lizzo and has been quite uplifting for body image. Lizzo dropped the hit single in April 2022, and it is doing really well among music lovers. Moreover, Lizzo herself wasted no time trying out the dance, further boosting views.

3. Freakum

Like many dance styles and challenges, the Freakum dance involves high-energy movements in tandem with the nature of the song. The dance style comes from Beyonce’s September 2006 song, Freakum Dress. The song made a comeback on the TikTok FYP in 2022 and has had TikTokers moving to the rhythm.

2. Sway

Michael Buble’s R&B and soul sound proved to be quite the change content creators needed when his 2003 song, Sway, made it to the app. The sound quickly gained attention, and dancers have been sharpening their ballroom moves, as well as transition skills.

1. Jiggle Jiggle

Jiggle Jiggle has been present on FYPs as much as it’s been stuck in memories. Jiggle Jiggle dance moves have dancers making moves by pulling their arms up and down and motioning back and forth as though they were dribbling on a basketball court. Stars like Shakira and the music group Black Pink also had fun joining the dance challenge.

The song of the same name was released in 2022 and is a mash-up produced by DJ duo Duke and Jones.

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