Virgoun’s wife is angry that photos without hijab are spread with obscene captions

: Far from gossip, Virgoun and Inara’s happiness has not too long ago been disturbed by way of the movements of their ART lover. Photos of Inara without hijab have been allotted with obscene captions.
Virgoun’s title is changing into more broadly known after making a song a tune entitled “Love Letter to Starla”. Apart from his a hit career, Virgoun’s non-public life additionally incessantly draws consideration. Call it Virgoun’s choice to convert to Islam in 2013.
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Virgoun’s family life with former Bexxa girl staff, Inara Idola Rusli, additionally did not pass not noted. Married since December 14, 2014, Virgoun and Inara’s relationship is loose from gossip. The harmonious portrait of Virgoun’s small family is incessantly exhibited via his Instagram account.

But sadly, Virgoun and Inara’s contemporary happiness was abruptly disturbed. Through her Instagram account on Tuesday (22/2), Inara poured out her middle.

Apparently Inara was livid as a result of there have been irresponsible events who had the middle to spread photos of herself without a hijab. Even even though Inara is recently known to have emigrated and is dressed in a veil.

“When I thought about it, it was a pity that I wanted to spread this person’s behavior. But for a long time, I thought, why did I feel miserable alone, the feeling was awkward, sad, mixed with anger, where else is the period, so it’s really made my day ,” mentioned Inara, beginning her outpouring of her middle. “Btw, this is a fake account made by my ART girlfriend. I made a video call with my ART when I was there I didn’t wear a hijab and then spread it on FB using a caption with inappropriate words without me and my ART (her boyfriend) knowing.”

Inara was livid as a result of her family assistant disobeyed her. Because of this incident, he additionally intends to document the account of his family assistant’s lover.

“Why do people already know that work can’t be banned properly, when you’re working, you can’t go online then let alone VIDEOCALL Oh Allah ,” persevered Inara. “Can we not jail people whose domicile is on different islands (he claims to be a resident of Pantar Village, Kabali, Central Kalimantan)?? Do we really have to be present at the trial (what if it’s a different island)?? This person continues to challenge us even though we never want to get into trouble with anyone ”

Inara’s add it sounds as if made netizens livid. Not a couple of who make stronger Inara’s steps to document to the government.

“It’s too late, join gemess😤😤,” commented the account @alvi***mtd furiously. “Oh my God, the patient mommy. Follow the gemes. Don’t be left alone, report mi. It’s fatal to spread people’s privacy,” answered the @uni***fi account. “Just report it na, it’s subject to the ITE law, he’s like that.. and also defamation, even if he does something unpleasant,” mentioned the account @olivi***asha_p.

“The art is just fired while processing the report, whether to come there or not, let the lawyer do it anyway. If it’s happened 2 times, the art is really problematic. It’s better to be careful while checking the cellphone art, what’s in there, “said the account @sit***uha_. “I have confiscated (again) his cellphone for 2 days. Then on expert advice, you can’t be fired, you have to be detained here because you can’t be released as a witness. ,” mentioned Inara.

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