WATCH: Justin Timberlake Embarrassing ‘Beat Ya Feet’ Dance Video Went Viral On Social Media, YouTube & Twitter!

An embarrassing video of Justin Timberlake goes viral on social media. He has been trolled on social media for “old drunk uncle vibes”. The Multi-Grammy award-winning artist is no doubt one of the most powerful individuals who have been working in the music industry and his capability is a testament to his brilliant and remarkable career. Though the songwriter and singer as well faced an awful and embarrassing situation after he gave a dance performance. The fans of Justin got split on social media after the video of his Beat Ya Feet dancing went viral on social media. He was performing In the Water Festival which was held in Washington DC. Several people compared the choreography of the singer to the latest one of Ginuwine. His latest comes up in the “Something In The Water festival” watched admirers mocking his dance steps. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

The 41-year-old musician was ready to give a performance on Saturday, 18th June 2022. The singer performed in his signature style and also performed his many popular songs and gave admirers something which they will never forget. The whole digital world is only talking about the singer, but unfortunately, it is due to his polarizing dance steps. When he was performing on his Grammy-winning track titled “Sexy Back” at the time of the festival, the songwriter and the singer attempted doing the extremely famous “Beat Ya Feet” dance step to take his singing performance to another level. Though not everyone liked his dance performance of Timberlake and at present, he became the topic of ridicule and laughs on social media.

The users of social media criticized the “Mirror” singer for his bad dance performance and many people even make fun of his dance step and stated that his dance was nearer to the “hokey pokey” instead of Beat Ya Feet. One of his admirers penned, “The Grammy winner stated “DC beat your feet” but he performed the hokey pokey.” Another admirer penned, “The most failed feet dance step I have watched in ages. A bad father who rejects to do the retire dance moves.” The third one wrote, “The singer giving me the vibes of old drunk uncle here.

Speaking about the viral video, JT was seen wearing remarkably casual for his comes up as he is seen wearing a short-sleeve button-up shirt which he paired with checker patterns of the khaki color pants. Justin dances for a short period when he was performing on the stage and does not view any complicated steps that the dancers of Beat Ya Feet certainly do. The singing of Justin was good but his dance steps ruined his performance and made him the subject of mocking. Be with us and we will be soon back with another news.

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