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Yara Sofia is a makeup artist and a drag queen as well. Yara gained fame after she was featured in the Drag Race Season 3 and also won the Miss Congeniality title in the show as well. Apart from that after she participated in the show, Yara has gained a lot of fame and she is been followed a lot on social media, including Instagram as well.  Yara is 38 years old as of now, and she has been getting a lot of fame recently. Yara was also showcased on All-stars season 1 as well. Let us know in detail about Yara and know more about her life. Yara gained a significant amount of stardom after she was featured in RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3. Apart from that Yara has also collaborated with several personalities such as Alexis Mateo. Back in 2021 she also returned to the All-Star Season 6 and the same year her single came out named jiggle. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Apart from getting featured on All-star and Drag queen shows she also has unique talent and features as well. Yara gained a lot of attention based especially for her makeup skills. She is famous for her sense of makeup, wigs, and lenses as well. Overall she is precise and good at Makeup. In 2011 when she was featured in the 13th episode she nailed the looks and got inspired by her and got awestruck with her creativity the makers decided to announce her again on May 2 2011 show which was just a month later after she was featured on the April 22nd show in 2011 itself.

Back in the competition, she competed with 11 contestants, and then she eventually won against all of them and impressed a lot of people with her makeup and drag queen creativity skills. Now that the All-star is about to announce the next season it is been said that she will be featured in the newest season. According to the rumors, Yara is about to be featured in the upcoming season which is going to be the Drag race All-star Season 6. The makers of the show who are all set to release the show on the Logo Network from 22nd November 2022 said that Yara is going to be featured on the show and others as well are also going to be featured.

In the upcoming months may be the names of the other participants as well will be released moreover, Instagram of Yara is filled with many of her drag queen transformations which are unique in themselves. Speaking of Yara’s personal life, Yara was born on the 8th of May 1984. The real name of Yara Sofia is Gabriel Burgos Ortiz. She was born and raised in Puerto Rico, Manati. Yara began her career in a Gay nightclub and eventually, she also won a gay pageant. Yara has a degree in fine Arts and she had her bachelor’s degree from Universidad Del Sagrado Corazon in San Juan.

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