What are Meena Dhawan aka Fast Track’s powers? Details explored as DC Comics character is made series regular in ‘The Flash’

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Meena Dhawan’s recent debut in CW’s The Flash has received a lot of upvotes from fans. The show has been running for almost a decade now, and it’s safe to say that it has impressed everybody with new characters and storylines every season.

Fans have come across nearly every speedster from the DC Universe throughout the CW show, whether it be Wally West or Bart Allen. The latest addition of Kausar Mohammed’s Meena Dhawan to the list has made them even more excited about the future of the show.

Meena Dhawan’s origin in the comics

In the comics, Meena Dhawan gained her powers through a Speed Force Storm that granted various citizens of the Central City super-speed. Many of the citizens who gained the powers were determined to use them for selfish purposes, but Dhawan decided to choose the right path by helping Flash (Barry Allen) calm the chaos.

Dhawan was a scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs before she got her powers and became Fast-Track. However, after the chaos ended, she continued to donate her genius as the director of the Speed Force testing center, where she learned and taught other speedsters to harness their abilities.

In CW’s The Flash, Meena Dhawan was capable enough to create her own speed source to supply her with super-speed, which was a commendable invention by her, regardless of the duration her powers stayed with her, which was only a few minutes. It is evident that Dhawan intends to use her powers for good, and as Barry has agreed to mentor her, we might be seeing more of her adventures with Team Flash after all.

Meena Dhawan’s power set in the comics (and the show)

In the comics, Meena Dhawan obtained a remarkable set of powers through the Speed Force, including:

Speed Force/Negative Speed Force Conduit

Superhuman Speed

Superhuman Agility



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