Kacey Bowers Illness: What Did Rusty Bowers Daughter Die From?

Kacey Bowers died from a long-time illness but the actual type of disease that she struggled with still remains unclear.

Rusty Bowers in his work as a house speaker
Rusty Bowers in his work as a house speaker (source :

While opening up about his daughter’s untimely and tragic demise, Rusty said that the woman was suffering from a dangerous illness for a pretty long time.

The family was active in taking care of the lady and she was almost always on the bed as she worked hard to try to recover to her previous self.

However, the politician didn’t mention the exact type of disease that Kacey faced and struggled with.

From the looks of it, the condition seems to be a severe one but due to the lack of any clue about it in the media, we cannot confirm the actual kind.

Kacey Bowers Obituary

Kacey Bowers’s obituary disclosed her untimely death due to a hazardous sickness.

She passed away on January 28, 2021, and it was her father, Rusty, who released an official obituary statement to open up about the information to the public.

Rusty wrote about Kacey’s death on his Facebook post where he began by revealing his girl’s sad passing.

He later went on to describe how incredible a woman she was and also wrote a heartfelt poem in her memory and remembrance.

This information was quickly followed by other sources and soon after circulated widely on the internet, reaching many people.

Eventually, several individuals started expressing condolences for the woman and prayed for her peaceful rest while providing strength to her friends and family.

Kacey Bowers Age At Death And Family Details

Kacey Bowers was 42 years old at the time of her death and was survived by her family members.

As the woman was battling the sickness for a long time, it seems like the condition caught Kacey during her 30s.

While she kept her mindset strong to fight it, it was her family members who took care of her in the difficult moments.

Her 20-year-old son Lorenzo, now 21, was almost always with the lady, and Kacey’s father, Rusty, and mother, Donetta, also made sure to provide strong support and care to her.

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