Juri Vips Comments: What Did He Say On Twitch?

Juri Vips is found in the middle of the controversy after he was found passing racial slurs on the live-streaming platform, Twitch.

The Estonian racing star was enjoying a Twitch stream of a video game, Call of Duty. He was joined by fellow Red Bull junior Liam Lawson in playing the first-person shooting game.

In the heat of action, Juri passed a racial slur in front of his fans during the live stream. Such a statement was unexpected from the viewers as the comment section flooded with critics. 

His colleague, Liam was also shocked and replied: “Juri.” However, there were plenty of laughs from the teammates after the slurs, which has made people more offended.

Since then outrage has been found on social sites against the Estonian racer Juri Vips. Some Twitter users are making a meme of the racer by using the caption, “how to destroy your career in a matter of moment”.

Is Juri Vips Racist? Racial Slur History And His Ethnicity

Juri Vips, recently on a live stream passed racial slurs, against the sentiment of colored people. The video is going viral all over the internet. 

During a close battle in the game Call of Duty, Juri fashionably killed an enemy. While enjoying the kill Juri passed a racial slur against the opponent. When the athlete realized his mistake, it was too late.

Juri Vips Has Been Suspended From The Red Bull Following A Racial Slur On Twitch
Juri Vips Has Been Suspended From The Red Bull Following A Racial Slur On Twitch (source :

The 21-year-old racer, Juri’s racial slur history remains blank until this incident. The athlete has not described his ethnicity openly in the media. However, he is believed to be of a white ethnic group with deep roots in Europe.

Talking about his nationality, Juri is Estonian and proudly represents his country in the racing field. However, the racer’s career seems to be on deadline.

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Juri Vips Net Worth 2022 Revealed As He Got Suspended

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