What Happened To Ben Aronoff Family In Speed Kills? Update On Racer Don Aronow’s Wife And Kids

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In Speed Kills, the story of Ben Aronoff is based on the life of Donald Aranow, who built speedboats and raced them.

What Happened to Speed Kills Racer Ben Aronoff?

After Don Aranow was killed by a gunshot in Miami in 1987, his story was told in the 2009 documentary Thunder Man: The Don Aranow Story and in the 2018 film Speed Kills.

He ran a successful business making speedboats. The Shah of Iran, George Bush Sr., and Lyndon Johnson all had speedboats that he made for them.

Don Aranow’s Family and Kids?

The book about Don Aranow’s life by Arthur J. Harris was turned into the movie Speed Kills.

The American-Puerto Rican crime drama film “Speed Kills” is based on the real-life boat designer and racer Donald Joel Aronow, who started Magnum Marine in Florida in 1966. Aronow was bigger than life, and he was also a boat designer.

He often raced the fast boats owned by his company and won a number of races. Some of the most popular types of speedboats were the Cigarette, Donzi, Formula, and Cary.

In the movie, Ben’s personal life is hard, just like it is in real life. When his kids are teenagers, his first wife Kathy decides she can’t stand him anymore after finding out about his other relationships.

He marries Emily Gowen, and they have a son together. The couple’s newfound happiness doesn’t last long, though, because Ben is killed soon after at age 59 in what seems to be a job.

The people who killed him were found out almost a decade after the fact. Bobby Young was the person who did the killing, and he said that Ben Kramer hired him.

Aranow was married twice, and his two marriages gave him a total of five children.

With his first wife, Shirley Goldin, he has two sons and a daughter. Michael, his oldest son, was one of the best athletes at the University of Florida. But Don was badly hurt in a car accident in 1970 and had to use a wheelchair from then on.

About his second son, David, nothing is known. Claudia, his daughter, is an artist in New York. She used to be married to Martin Kimmel, a real estate developer. She has a son with him. Her son Adam Kimmel is a menswear designer.

Adam and Leelee Sobieski also gave Don a great-granddaughter, Louisanna Ray Kimmel.

He later got married to Lillian Crawford, a model for Wilhelmina who was 24 years younger than he was. Gavin and Wylie are their two sons.

Wylie, the second son, says that he helped start the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Michael, Donald’s eldest son, thought his dad was a hero. Even though he was caught having affairs outside of his marriage, his son said he was a “great dad and a great husband.”

He went on to say, “My dad ended more marriages than anyone else. You can talk to anyone, but every night he was at home.”

Michael plays the role of Andrew in the movie Speed Kills.

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