What Happened To James Bhemgee From SA Got Talent? Twitter Leads Tribute For The Fallen Star

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The season two SA Got Talent champion from 2010 James Bhemgee has passed away. Through social media posts, people pay tribute to him.

James Bhemgee was once approached about having a movie on his life; however, he declined because he wanted to accomplish something larger so that there would be a more motivational story to share. But regrettably, that day never came, and he died of a heart attack.

What happened to SA Got Talent contestant James Bhemgee?

The SA Got Talent contestant James Bhemgee has gone away. Some social media users claimed he passed away after having a sudden heart attack.

People will always remember the music of the late singer Bhemgee. When the former street sweeper was singing one day while sweeping the streets, Angelique Fuhr just happened to see him on the streets.

When he was 45 years old, he first attracted the public’s notice and began his singing training. The mother invited Bhemgee to perform at her house by calling her concert pianist daughter.

Fuhr paid for his initial singing lessons because she believed in his talent, but his teacher gave up after three months because she believed he needed a coach better suited to his skills. Finally, Fuhr convinced Young and Rubicam, a marketing company, to sponsor his ongoing research.

He studied voice with American baritone Wayne Long at the Nico Malan theater (now the Cape Town Artscape Theatre Centre), which she pointed him toward. After 2.5 years of training, Bhemgee left the theater to pursue a performance diploma at the University of Cape Town. He fled the nation, nonetheless, before completing his academic coursework.

He made an appearance on Breakfast News (now known as BBC Breakfast) in the UK in 1994. Many people recognized his talent, which gave him the chance to study in Germany for four years.

He took part in SA Got Talent in 2010 and even won the competition, which increased his notoriety. Even R250 000 in prize money was given to him.

James Bhemgee Heart Attack Caused His Death

On the internet, rumors of James Bhemgee’s passing are circulating. People said that he died as a result of a heart attack.

Because he was unemployed for 13 years before to competing on SA Got Talent, his life had already cast a shadow over his singing career.

Even though he had completed his studies and received some training, he was still without a job. However, the show gave him fresh hope since after winning the crown, he became well-known.

The news of his passing saddens a lot of people. On social media, they are expressing their condolences to his family and friends.

James Bhemgee’s Age at Death

 Who Is His Partner?

James Bhemgee was most likely older than 50. Unfortunately, there is no indication of his birthdate online.

He revealed in an interview in 2010 that he had six kids and resides in Rocklands, Cape Town. However, none of his children were raised under his supervision because it is customary in their township for the mother to look after the kids.

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