What Happened To Max Muncy?

People are concerned for Max as he is trending all over the internet; he is going to OKC for his rehab assignment. As per CBS, he was initially slated to begin his assignment Thursday but that was later pushed.

It was pushed because he appeared in the game action. As of now, he remains on track for a return in June. His talk has taken over various social media platforms, especially Twitter. People are expressing their thought about his performance.

Max on his game in MLB
Max on his game in MLB

Most of the users are complimenting Max and are excited to see his performance after the assignment. Over the years spent in MLB, he has managed to summon a huge number of fans, who love to see him on the field.

Max Muncy Injury Status

Max had an injury in the last season of UCL. The injury was terrible; however, he did not do surgery to correct it because it was on his nonthrowing hand. However, many speculate that it might have hindered his performance.

As per a CBS report, there has been a change in his last year’s exit velocity from the present; the last year, he had an exit velocity of 91.2 mph, but this year it has decreased to 87.3 mph. 

Max Muncy with his wife in their wedding.
Max Muncy with his wife in their wedding.

However, Muncy has said to the press that he would not blame his injury for the recent effect. His fans are worried about him and his performances.

Max Muncy’s Wife And Net Worth

Max is happily married to his wife, Kellie Cline. The couple married in 2018 after dating for a long time. They are very happy with their relationship, and there is no report of them involving in any altercations.

The couple has a beautiful daughter, who they welcomed in 2021. People can find him on Instagram under the handle name maxmuncy with more than 277,000 followers and can be seen posting pictures of his family.

His net worth is estimated to be $10 million, which he garnered from his success as a successful baseball player in the MLB.

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