What Is the Tiktok Pulling Man Game? Playables Project Internet Users Love A New Game

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What Is the Tiktok Pulling Man Game? Playables Project Internet Users Love A New Game

What Is the Tiktok Pulling Man Game?

A new game from Project Playables, the “Pulling Man game,” which is a well-known TikTok fad, claims to be able to accurately predict the dynamics of any relationship.

The green line test, which is how the game operates, is used.

How Do You Play The Pulling Man, A New Game From Project Playables?

This test claims that how a couple stands next to one another, especially when taking pictures, might provide information about their marital dynamics and who is in charge.

Body language experts challenged the entire internet discussion, claiming it to be completely incorrect. Despite this, as more people rush to apply the theory to their own relationship images on social media, the hypothesis has continued to spread online.

The “Pulling Man game,” a popular TikTok trend, makes the claim that it can correctly represent the dynamics of a marriage or relationship using something called the “green line test.”

Theoretically, just studying how a couple stands together, we can understand a lot about their relationship, according to Twitter user @alpharivelino. Do they stand apart, lean against one another, or are they just straight?

The guy is typically more drawn to the woman, which suggests that he is weak, dependent on the woman emotionally, and in need of her.

Women are perceived as being strong and self-assured if they stand upright and assume a powerful, independent attitude.

Dr. Rachna Khanna Singh, a specialist in mental health and relationships, claims that this notion is false regardless of how tenable it may sound.

She claims that candid photos are rarely taken, especially when dealing with renowned people. Although a single image is insufficient to assess a relationship’s quality, body language can.

You must have several pictures of the pair whose dynamics you are attempting to determine in order to play Project Playables’ new game, The Pulling Man.

Draw a solid green line across each person’s position in each image to indicate who is sitting straight and who is slouching toward the other.

The one who sits upright has power in the relationship and is dominating and in command, according to several TikTok users. The individual who leans into their partner is the one who is reliant, subordinate, and kind in the relationship.

Relationship specialists have refuted this hypothesis, claiming that it is not entirely accurate.

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