What time will Gordita Chronicles air on HBO Max? Release date, trailer and more details explored

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HBO Max‘s upcoming comedy-drama Gordita Chronicles is set to drop its 10-episode first season on Thursday, June 23, 2022.

Helmed by Zoe Saldana’s Cinestar Pictures and Osprey Productions, with Eva Longoria and Claudia Forestieri as executive producers, the coming-of-age series will take viewers on a backwards journey to 1985.

With the intention of starting a new life in the United States, Cucu Castelli and her family leave their home in Santo Domingo and travel all the way to Miami.

Moving to a new country is an experience that comes with its share of joys and sorrows. Gordita Chronicles aims to narrate the trials and triumphs that come with a long-distance relocation, and the Castelli family is about to experience it all.

The Castelli family comprises Juan Javier Cardenas’ Victor (the father), Diana Maria Riva’s Adela (the mother), Savannah Nicole Ruiz’s Emilia (the sister) and Olivia Goncalves’ Cucu aka Gordita.

Gordita Chronicles takes the audience on a trip to the 1980s

Gordita Chronicles, which is scheduled to premiere on June 23, 2022, at 3 am ET, recently dropped its official trailer, revealing quite a few of the Castelli family’s escapades.

Showing the perfect balance of comedy and real-life hardships, the trailer introduces all the key characters while also taking the audience on a quick trip down memory lane.

With a blend of vibrant colors, witty characters and a nostalgic 80s theme, the series will also feature Dascha Polanco, Cosette Hauer and Noah Rico. Loni Love and Patrick Fabian will be appearing as guest stars.

The official synopsis of the series states:

“The year is 1985, and Cucu “Gordita” Castelli (Goncalves) has just said goodbye to all of her friends and family in Santo Domingo and moved to Miami with her marketing executive father Víctor (Cardenas), bold and vivacious mother Adela (Riva), and suddenly status-obsessed older sister Emilia (Ruiz).

“While life in America is far from what they imagined, the Castellis are determined to take charge of their strange new world. The coming-of-age series is about family, opportunity, love, resilience, and boldly defying the status quo in pursuit of the “American Dream.””

More about HBO Max’s Gordita Chronicles

After leaving their native Dominican Republic, 12-year-old Cucu Castelli and her quirky family make a life-changing move to Miami. To their surprise, life is not how they expected it to be in America, and they must find their own form of the “American Dream.”

The series explores the lives of the Castelli family members in the 1980s, tackling the hardships that come along their way as immigrants in a crazy foreign society. As they struggle to make friends and fit in, they are met head-on with comedy, courage and a few truly poor decisions.

Osprey Productions’ Jennifer Robinson and Chris King joined forces with Drop Dead Diva and CSI‘s Josh Berman to serve as executive producers on Gordita Chronicles. Brigitte Munoz-Liebowitz serves as the showrunner.

The pilot episode was directed by Eva Longoria, actress and executive producer of UnbeliEVAble Entertainment. The executive producers team for Cinestar Pictures includes Zoe Saldana, Mariel Saldana and Cisely Saldana.

Catch the Gordita Chronicles premiere on Thursday, June 23, 2022, exclusively on HBO Max.

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