What Was Brenton Raffensperger’s Death Cause? Drug Addiction & Rehab

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In a speech, Brad Raffensperger discussed how his son Brenton Raffensperger’s death was due to drug abuse.

The American politician, businessman, and civil engineer Bradford Jay Raffensperger, whose son is Georgia’s Secretary of State since 2019, is the father of Brenton Raffensperger.

Brad Raffensperger is up for reelection as Georgia’s secretary of state in 2022 after defeating Trump-backed Jody Hice in the Republican primary.

In 2015, Brad was chosen to replace Lynne Riley in the Georgia House of Representatives. Raffensperger introduced a bill in the state House that would forbid county officials from directly profiting from tax liens.

What Caused the Death of Brenton Raffensperger?

Fentanyl overdose and other drug issues were found to be the main causes of death for Brenton Raffensperger.

The Secretary of State for Georgia maintained his privacy. However, he was forced to talk about his son in 2020 after a support group sent voter registration letters to his son, who had passed away two years earlier.

Unfortunately, we currently have no information on Brenton. His longtime partner, who now resides in Washington, was his wife. A gang of Trump supporters reportedly barged into her house.

His father, Brad Raffensperger, publicly discussed passing away around 2020, but he actually passed away in 2018. Many people have continued to send their prayers after the outpouring of tributes and sorrow that followed his passing.

He’s been in the news a lot lately, especially now that his widowed wife is being attacked for political reasons. We can only hope that he is secure wherever he is.

Brenton Raffensperger struggled with drug addiction and rehab

According to numerous online accounts, Brenton Raffensperger struggled with drug addiction and sought treatment in a rehab facility.

During one of his talks, Brad discussed the topic of drug abuse and how it related to the passing of his son. Along with many other personal issues, he has also had to contend with Trump’s lies.

Brad said that getting past that personal tragedy had helped him in his career, especially after he had been convinced by Donald Trump to change the Georgia vote count in the latter’s favor.

President Donald Trump refused to concede defeat after losing Georgia and the election to competitor Joe Biden and instead leveled bogus claims of fraud.

Trump thereafter started a protracted campaign to overturn the election results and keep his position of power, but he ultimately failed.

Brad and Trump had a recorded phone conversation on January 2, 2021 as part of this campaign in which Trump asked Brad to change the Georgia vote count to his advantage.

Know His Family History Brad Raffensperger Son

With his wife, Brad Raffensperger has three children, but he lost his son, Brenton Raffensperger, far too young.

Months after the election, which former President Donald Trump falsely claims was tainted by fraud, threats of violence were made against Brad Raffensperger, his wife Tricia, and their family.

There are four brothers and sisters for Raffensperger. Donald Trump claims that Ron Raffensperger, Raffensperger’s brother, “works for China.”

On the other hand, Ron is not Raffensperger’s sole sibling, and he does not work for or for China. Ron Raffensperger, a Huawei employee, is unrelated to Brad and does not work for Huawei.

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