What Was Natalie Kennett Case From Without A Crystal Ball? Fans Are Asking Was She Arrested

What Was Natalie Kennett Case From Without A Crystal Ball? Fans Are Asking Was She Arrested

Natalie Kennett was allegedly arrested on Thursday after closely following the slander case against Tati Westbrook.

Natalie Kennett: Was She Arrested?

Natalie Kennett was arrested in the Tati Westbrook defamation lawsuit on June 2, 2022. Her computer gadgets were confiscated by the West Merica Police Department in the United Kingdom.

The FBI determined Natalie Kennett is responsible for the invention of CP: perjury after an EXTREMELY thorough examination. She might even be charged with stirring dissent in order to obstruct justice.

Katie Joy, A Youtuber From Without A Crystal Ball Case With Tati Westbrook

Yes, Natalie Kennett was detained for the time being, and the West Merica Police Department in the United Kingdom seized her computer devices.

Michael J. Saltz, Esq., sent out a tweet in which he revealed the specifics of her arrest. He also admitted that her bail conditions prohibit her from owning or possessing any device capable of connecting to the internet and sending texts or photos.

He also asked his followers to report Ms. Kennett if she contacts them while she is on bail. “Please document it and discreetly contact me to seek assistance on how to present such evidence to the relevant Detectives,” he wrote.

“If you believe Ms. Kennett was involved in CP images, threats to your children, or the fabrication of DMs/emails, please email me personally.” If you are willing to make a victim statement, I may transmit your information to the appropriate Detectives,” he added.

Some are frightened about her detention and praying for her release, while others are relieved to see some results and justice for those she has wronged.

Kennett admits inventing CP: perjury; impeding justice by faking discussions with him, according to Michael.

And completely different proof to provide to others in order to impugn his character; submitting bogus crime research; issuing death threats; online stalking and harassing him and his family on December 31, 2021.

To back up his claim, he released a series of screenshots of Kennett’s emails.

Katie Joy, a Youtuber with Tati Westbrook who does not have a crystal ball case

On November 26th, Tati Beauty, a different mannequin from her vitamin agency Halo Beauty, was unveiled. This is where the business comes into play.

According to her Halo Beauty statement, she will offer everything from color cosmetics to scents under the Halo Beauty umbrella. This, however, was not the case when she released her first product. Some ardent supporters were also aware of the shift, which would be crucial in the judicial case.

Because they weren’t on the mannequin’s PR file, James and Jeffree didn’t consider the palette. After a nearly two-month break, Tati returned to YouTube on June 30th.

Tati claims that Shane Dawson, an early YouTuber who mostly focuses on entertainment, collaborated with Jeffree Star on a documentary. And he collaborated with JFC on an eyeshadow pallet, fooled her into making the video, and even offered to edit it.

Shane went so far as to trash Tati on Instagram, and it wasn’t pretty. In addition, she conveyed regret to James.

Tati’s name appeared on the drama channel Without A Crystal Ball after all of this. Tati has been targeted by Without a Crystal Ball on several occasions, and she isn’t particularly well-liked among the “drama” crowd.

Katie Joy, on the other hand, revealed Tati’s court documents from her former Halo Beauty business associate who is suing her. Tati claims in her film that Without A Crystal Ball harmed James’ career and cost him tens of thousands of dollars, but Tati refutes this claim.

When the video was uploaded when she was being sued by a business associate, Tati sued Without A Crystal Ball for false information and harassment. As a result, the “Lawsuit Without a Crystal Ball” was born!

Natalie Kennett, according to Katie Joy, has been harassing her as well as a number of other people. She has kept her followers informed about Natalie’s activities.

In July 2021, she tweeted that she had received many death threats in the previous hour from an account claiming to be Katie. “They’re still making false reports against me, and the cops are looking into it,” she said.

“I will be entirely collaborating in the criminal investigation against Natalie Kennett,” she tweeted in response to her temporary arrest.

Thousands of death threats, as well as child pornography using my son’s photograph, have been made against my family. All while falsely accusing me of being the brains behind the operation. I hope she dies because of what she’s done to so many people.”

Natalie claims she has harassed and threatened others with death.


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