Where is Amy Allan’s husband James Allan now? Whereabouts explored

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James Allan called first responders on September 14, 2018, informing them about the discovery he had made in their house’s basement. The former Tecumseh resident told authorities that he returned home and found his wife, Amy Allan, hanging from the ceiling in the basement of their Tecumseh, Michigan home.

What initially seemed like a suicide was later verified as a homicide when autuposy reports revealed that Amy died because of an altercation with her husband James Allan when the latter tried to choke her.

When first responders reached the scene, they thought that Amy was dead until they felt a faint pulse. She was rushed to a nearby hospital but it was in vain. Reports state that she succumbed to the injuries there. Evidence found at the crime scene, autopsy reports, and several testimonies linked James Allan to the murder who was then tried in court. The jury ultimately found him guilty of second-degree murder.

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Where is Amy Allan’s husband James Allan now?

James Allan pleaded not guilty to all accusations after being brought before the court and maintained that he was not involved in the murder of his wife Amy Allan. As per the prosecution’s stated argument, Amy was allegedly choked by the defendant with his bare hands during an encounter who then set up the elaborate suicide ruse in an attempt to mislead the police. However, he eventually got caught in his own web of lies.

Overall, the jury found James guilty of second-degree murder after hearing several testimonies and examining autopsy reports. Nearly three years later, in 2021, he was issued a 45-year jail term, only to be eligible for parole after serving a minimum of 20 years in prison. As a result, James remains detained at the St. Louis Correctional Facility in Saint Louis, Michigan, and will be eligible for early release in 2040.

Why was James Allan found guilty during his wife Amy Allan’s murder trial?

James Allan’s calm and peculiar behavior as first responders arrived at the scene after his panic-stricken call initially raised eyebrows. According to reports, he was already performing CPR and trying to revive Amy Allan when authorities arrived at the scene.

The autopsy reports added to the suspicion as experts revealed that the electric cable around Amy’s neck wasn’t tight enough to render her unconscious. Investigators then started pointing fingers at her husband, eventually leading to his arrest in Ocala, Florida.

It was James who had initially put forward the suicide theory and he stood by it during the trial. He reportedly even claimed that his wife had an abusive history with alcohol which often resulted in bipolar behavior. Further investigation and the trial revealed that their marriage, which appeared perfect from the outside, was less than ideal. Prosecutors argued in court that an altercation with Amy had led James Allan to choke her until she was left unconscious. They also presented their case for James being a controlling and abusive husband.

After a two-week long trial that involved several testimonies from people involved in the trial, both directly and indirectly, the jury found James Allan guilty of second-degree murder in his wife’s murder case. The accused assered his innocence until the very last moment, but he was sentenced to over 40 years in prison with a chance of parole in the later years.

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