Who Are Trezell And Jacqueline West? Adoptive Parents Killed Two Boys Classic & Cinsere Pettus

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Although their remains have not yet been discovered, authorities claim that two California boys called Orrion and Orson were dead for at least three months before their adoptive parents reported them missing in December 2020.

Trezell Phillip and Jacqueline Gabrielle West adopted the kids in 2018, following the abuse of a family member, and they have since been detained by Bakersfield police.

According to court records acquired by The Daily Beast, both have been accused of two murders, two planned crimes against children, and phony emergency reports.

Who Are Jacqueline West and Trezell?

The California couple, Trezell and Jacqueline West, are charged with murdering their adopted sons, Orrin and Orson.

At a press conference, Kern County District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer informed the media that neither the body of 3-year-old Orson West nor that of 4-year-old Orrin West had been discovered.

The boy is placed in the care of Trezell West, 34, and Jacqueline West, 31. The West family adopted Cincere and Classic in 2019 and formally changed their names to Orrin and Orson West.

The couple also has two biological children and two additional adopted children, all of whom are currently in foster care as a result of the incident.

Trezell and Jacqueline vanished from California City, where they had been living, and went back to their old apartment on Lotus Lane in Bakersfield, where they had lived before relocating to California City in September 2020.

However, the couple chose to live with Jacqueline West’s mother, who resided in the same complex and was accused of murdering those innocent children, rather than moving into their own apartment.

Trezell and Jacqueline West Where Are They Now?

In anticipation of a hearing on Thursday, Trezell and Jacqueline West are being held without bond at the Kern County Sheriff’s Central Reservation Facility.

Both maintain their chastity, writing in January 2021 on their blog, “Our priority is to find out where the lads are and ensure their safe return.” Sooner or later, the truth will out.

Trezell and Jacqueline West could spend up to 30 years in jail if found guilty of the most serious felonies. On May 23, their trial will start.

According to Zimmer, Trezelle and Jacqueline still do not have an attorney on file in court, but they will have the choice of hiring one or having one appointed by the court after everything has been worked out.

Charles Pettus, the biological father of the boys, accused the county, the state, and Child Protective Services of negligence in 2009 when they took the boys away from their relatives.

What happened to Cinsere Pettus and The Boys Classic?

The boys’ adoptive parents, Classic and Cinsere Pettus, informed the police that they had vanished from the backyard more than a year prior. Orrin is 4 years old and was born on April 8, 2016, whereas Orson was born on November 6, 2017, making them two different ages.

A massive search operation for the West boys, Orrin, 4, and Orson, 3, has been initiated by the city government of California, the locals, and the FBI. They were never located, though.

On December 21, 2020, the parents reported the boys missing from their house in California City, a rural area in the Mojave Desert about 100 miles north of Los Angeles.

Trezell told local journalists during the first week of the probe that his wife was wrapping Christmas presents inside with their other kids while he was splitting firewood and the kids were playing outside.

Classic and Cincere Pettus, the children, were taken from their mother’s house by child protective services in September 2020 and adopted by the West family. They passed away three months later.

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