Who Is Aaron Foust Mother? 

The identity of Aaron Foust’s mother is unknown, but he was brought up by his father, who did everything in his power to steer him away from a life of crime. Aaron’s father nurtured him with all of his heart.

Aaron's Father States, He Raised A Sociopath.
Aaron’s Father States, He Raised A Sociopath. (source :

Aaron’s father, Robert Foust, has discussed how his son developed sociopathic behaviors and how his son spent his final weeks in prison, during which time he wrote good letters and charming poetry for his father. Robert Foust has also described how Aaron spent his time in prison.

When his father was around 20 years old, he had his first date with the woman who would become his first wife, and the two of them went on to have a son, Aaron, who was born in 1972. But in 1977, after Robert’s wife acknowledged that she had cheated on him, the couple decided to end their marriage and get a divorce.

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In later years, Aaron relocated to Iowa to be with his mother; nonetheless, he continued to have problems in his new home. After a brief pursuit by the police, Aaron was taken into custody and sent to the holding facility. Over there, a psychiatrist had labeled him as an anti-social psychopath, and he was institutionalized as a result.

Killer Wikipedia And Murder Case

Aaron Christopher Foust was taken into custody on May 23, 1997, which was just five days after he had murdered David Ward. Aaron Foust and Jamal Brown went to the apartment that David Ward rented in Fort Worth, where they strangled him to death while he was bound to his bed with speaker cords.


They took his vehicle and set it on fire in Arlington after stealing it. In a similar fashion, they attempted to pay for the bill at a restaurant with David’s credit card, but they were discovered by the authority that was pursuing them.

While he was doing time in prison, he penned a poem of remembrance for his cherished father, who had brought him up by the steady beat of his own tender heart.

Aaron Foust Now 2022

In 1998, Aaron Foust was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced. After he had rejected all of his options for appealing his conviction, he was put to death by means of a fatal injection the next year.

Aaron was one of the youngest people who had ever been put to death in the state of Texas at the time of his execution, which took place when he was 26 years old.

He was only sentenced to death row for a total of 49 weeks before he was given the fatal injection of serum. In the state of Texas, the minimum amount of time a criminal was incarcerated before being executed by injection of fatal drugs was 36 weeks.

Robert Foust has been quoted as saying that he does mourn his son, but that he just hopes to move on with his life. Since then, he has compiled the details of his time spent parenting Aaron into a book that bears the title “Collision Course With God.”

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