Who is Babybelka? Real Name Explored

Babybelka is a young girl whose video got pulled over from TikTok and was heavily circulated on other media.

Her real name is Yeimi Rivera.

The only picture of Babybelka that is circulating on the media
The only picture of Babybelka that is circulating on the media (source :

Besides that, any other information about the girl is still vague and not classified to this date.

Her name is spreading all over the internet for that particular video and besides that clip, any other details on her personal life is a mystery.

So, we cannot really say who exactly she is and what she does professionally.

Why Is Babybelka Viral On Twitter?

Babybelka is viral on Twitter after her footage containing some explicit scenes got uploaded on the platform.

Since the first upload, the actual clip is removed by the community guidelines check and it cannot be found on any of the media platforms as of this date.

But people are still talking about it on Twitter and distributing the very less info that they have on the girl.

Other than the video itself, other news that hint at a tragic happening is also common on the platform.

As per these discussions, Babybelka found the fact of her video getting leaked heavily in the media and it put mental pressure on her about her public image.

So, she committed suicide and is no more alive.

This information is taken from the online discussions and no certified source to verify this is available at the moment,

So, truthfulness is definitely a massive doubt.

Nina Arana is another name that Babybelka’s video has got among the different sections of viewers.

From what is known from the available details, the was against the community guideline principles and policies established by the social media platforms.

So the authorities quickly took out the clips and thus, no footage about this subject is available at the time.

Some talks about the clip being accessible on Reddit also exist in the discussions but from what we looked for, there is no data with the name Babybelka or Babybelka101 on Reddit.

So, we believe that Facebook, Twitter as well as Reddit, all of them have put a ban on this particular footage.

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