Who is Bkb Pole, the rapper? He was racially profiled by Donald Corsi and Howard Hughes.

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In this article, we will read about “Who is Bkb Pole, the rapper? He was racially profiled by Donald Corsi and Howard Hughes.

Who is Bkb Pole, the rapper? He was racially profiled by Donald Corsi and Howard Hughes.

Who is Bkb Pole, and what does he do? Rapper claims that two people racially profiled him.

Racial profiling is still a severe and widespread problem that is uncomfortable to many people. When we believed this thinking had died out in the 1990s, we are constantly hearing about people assaulting others because of their skin color. A human being must be arrested because he or she lacks fundamental decency.

The Internet is buzzing over a recent incident in which rapper Bkb Pole was harassed because of his racial tone. He was not only abused, but also assaulted. They’ve been detained, according to reports, and social media doesn’t appear to be calming down. Let’s learn more about the rapper as well as the bigots.

Howard Hughes and Donald Corsi have been arrested for racially profiling Bkb Pole.

In the rap world, Bkb Pole is a rising talent. At the age of 16, he has dabbled in music and entrepreneurship, inspiring hundreds of other teens to pursue their dreams.

Of course, pursuing your passion is the most important thing in life, but he is an example to all of us, not just those in his age group, when it comes to guaranteeing your future with financial security.

Bigkaybeezy is his YouTube account, and he already has over 185k subscribers. His most popular video has over 25 million views, and his most recent single, “Shoe Box Baby,” is on the verge of becoming a success.

The artist joined YouTube in July 2018 and currently has 53 million subscribers. The rapper has over 21 thousand Instagram followers, indicating that he has a strong social media presence.

He also has a shoe company called JJ, which has 2800 Instagram followers under the handle @ jresellsfl. As a result, we can readily envision the influence he wields among the general people.

Bkb Pole was racially profiled by Donald Corsi and Howard Hughes, among others. The video gets popular on social media platforms when the rapper posts it on his account.

The two males can be seen assaulting him and requesting him to leave the area in the footage. Pole was in the neighborhood to meet a buddy when this event occurred.

We can hear them yelling racist obscenities and witness them throwing rocks at his car, breaking the glass, and threatening him with a pistol. It’s difficult to see since, in this day and age, individuals still have such a backward thinking in strange situations.

Despite the fact that they have both been arrested, the specifics of their charges have yet to be revealed. They are likely to be imprisoned and punished as a result of their actions.

On the other hand, the rapper’s own video is gaining a significant amount of attention. It has received over 25,000 likes and over 6,000 comments. People are talking about it and giving their thoughts on what’s going on.

According to Clinton Dix, “What kind of neighborhood is this, bra? We were passing by on a daily basis.” Another person, @seo, has a similar handle. BKB’s handling of the matter, according to Soto, impressed him. He also hoped that things would turn out well for him.

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