Bryannita Nicholson Testimony On The Long-Awaited Trail 

Bryannita Nicholson has testified against the shooter in court this Monday. She unwittingly drove the man charged with killing rapper Nipsey Hussle to and from the scene of the shooting.

In her testimony, Bryannita mentioned that she saw him reloading his gun on the car seat. Bryannita was casually dating Eric for a couple of weeks, and the two were driving together. 

Both of them pulled into a South Los Angeles shopping center on March 31, 2019. Bryannita was surprised to see Nipsey, whose music she loved.

Bryannita clarified that she had not known that Hussle owned the shopping center that was home to his clothing store. The key prosecution, Bryannita’s testimony came on the fourth day of Holder’s trial.

Nipsey Hussle’s Killer Eric Holder: Wikipedia Details On The Accused Killer 

At the moment, Eric’s name has not been listed on the official site of Wikipedia. 

Eric is not a celebrity figure and is not so popular in the digital world. However, he has been accused of a first-degree murder making him highlighted in the mainstream press and newspapers. 

Holder was familiar with Nipsey from growing up in the same neighborhood and having ties to the same street gang. From a young age, Eric was involved with gangs and fights.