Who Is Demi Stokes Partner In 2022? Meet Katie

Katie Harrington is the partner of Demi Stokes, who works for the National Health Service. However, Demi hasn’t revealed in detail about her partner.

Katie talked about how tough it was for the NHS employees during the Covid lockout.

Demi Stokes and Katie during pregnancy
Demi Stokes and Katie during pregnancy (source :

Katie may have had a corneal transplant on January 27, though, according to an Instagram post she made in 2016.

She established a crowdfunding campaign that year to generate money for anyone with vision loss.

Has Demi Stokes Just Had A Baby?

Demi Stoke of Manchester City Women and Katie Harrington had their first child recently. Harlen Harrington Stokes was born on May 6, 2022, at 5:07 p.m.

Katie holding her baby
Katie holding her baby (source :

Through their Instagram accounts, they both posted lovely moments. Today, Demi sent a devoted message expressing her gratitude and joy.

Katie did the same by breaking the news. Since the due date was for June, they welcomed their child sooner than anticipated. There didn’t seem to be any issues with the birth.

Everyone, including Demi’s football friends and others, praised them in the comments area of their Instagram photos.

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