Who Is Doni Smith? Jaylon Ferguson Girlfriend Wiki

Doni Smith is a talented chef who has her own catering company named JOF’s catering company, she organizes private catering experiences and family meals. She also provides her services for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and private parties. 

Doni and Jaylon celebrating Halloween with their kids
Doni and Jaylon celebrating Halloween with their kids (source :

She is a diligent person who is a mother to her two children son and daughter; Doni is also working as an entrepreneur in propelling her catering business. She is a busy person who is a good mother and loyal wife to her partner. 

However, her success was untimely as the death of her partner has broken her down emotionally and mentally, she has explained to her fans that police are following various leads and shall break out the news about the cause of the death of her partner.

Doni Smith Age And Baby Jrea Photos On Instagram

Doni is a 27-year-old visionary businessperson who seems to be growing her affluence in the catering market. Doni and Jaylon Ferguson had two kids that she shared on her Instagram page. 

Doni and Jaylon daughter and son going to the game to cheer their dad in an NFL match.
Doni and Jaylon daughter and son going to the game to cheer their dad in an NFL match. (source :

Moreover, Jyce O’ Neal Ferguson is the eldest who was born on 1st December 2017, and their daughter Jrea Oneis Ferguson was born on 14th May 2019.

Both of them were passionate and optimistic parents who cared for their children and valued their family earnestly, but the demise of the athlete has brought sadness and grief to their happy household. 

Presently, the reason for the player’s demise is not disclosed but there does not seem to be foul play concerning his death but the elements surrounding his passing are suspicious according to the authority’s assessment. 

Jaylon had a whole career ahead of him, he was attracting ride crowds building his fan base, and securing better paychecks from his extraordinary plays but the untimely death of the star has intrigued the fans surrounding the circumstances of his death.  

Doni Smith Job And Net Worth

Doni Smith is a star chef who has her own business named jofs catering, she is able to cook various cuisines appealing to various ceremonies such as weddings, bar mitzvah, private parties, and festivals. 

The shocking passing of her partner might have derailed some of her future plans for her business but she seems to be a driven and optimistic individual who is likely to get past her grief and be there for her business and family. 

Likewise, her business venture is new and attracting various clientele, she might earn significant money through private parties thus estimating her early income she might earn more than $40k-$50k yearly and her net worth is likely to be $100k. 



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