Who Is Kamil Sobala?

Kamil Sobala is a 31 years old Polish immigrant who used to previously 2013, reside in the United Kingdom.

Mr Sobala flew in from his own country to return to the UK, and he was travelling from Bath to the capital.

Likewise, he is now been in highlight after he was assaulted by people and was beaten very badly.

As of now, he is being treated at a hospital from about 7.50 pm on Saturday, 18 June and everyone wishes for his speedy recovery.

What Happened Kamil Sobala?

Kamil Sobala had only been in the capital for an hour when he was assaulted for asking for directions, he claims.

He was badly beaten up in Elizabeth Street that was captured on a mobile phone from inside an adjacent pub.

Similarly, he made the decision to return to London with a group of friends after spending some time in his own country.

They began hitting him in accordance with what he had said, which was horrific. He was so terrified of the pain that he avoided even going to the store. He also had trouble falling asleep.

Because he was assaulted after stating that he was from Poland, he thought it was racist. Kamil appeared to have been repeatedly struck in a video taken from inside a neighbouring bar.

After being brought to the hospital, Kamil awoke “shaken by the event.” He claimed that even though he has tried drinking to “stop the pain,” he is still having difficulty.

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Kamil Sobala Family Members

Kamil Sobala who is an immigrant may not be living with his family members currently as they may be in their native place. His loved ones must be worried about him as he is under treatment after being beaten.

It can also be that his family members are now with Kamil as his treatments are being performed in a hospital.

Even though Kamil has not expressed who is his family in the media, viewers may soon know his personal details.

As the culprits are being searched, his family member’s topic is not a current issue.

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