Who Is Kimora Hodges, 21? Babysitter Arrested

Kimora Hodges is a 21-year-old babysitter from Michigan who abused a kid brutally, resulting in death.

Kimora Hodges's mugshots and the photo of the 1-year-old victim
Kimora Hodges’s mugshots and the photo of the 1-year-old victim (source :

The incident dates back to June 14 when Starks came to see her child’s tragic situation in her babysitter’s place.

Hodges was a neighbor and a friend to Starks and they were apparently good to each other.

They reached an agreement and it was still valid where Kimora was to take care of the 1-year-old child when his mother was out working.

However, the 21-year-old babysitter didn’t treat the baby with care as the mother had expected.

She was arrested by the police after the death of the infant and is taken into custody by the Roseville Police department.

The authorities further stated that the woman co-operated and confessed to abusing the kid.

Kimora Hodges Mugshot And Facebook

Kimora Hodges’s mugshot is attached below and you can find the lady on Facebook under her actual name.

Her mugshot following the arrest is easily found on the internet as the picture along with the story is spreading quickly on the media platforms.

Hodges's mugshot picture
Hodges’s mugshot picture (source :

The lady also has a Facebook account where she has used her own picture as the profile photo and there is a snapshot of a baby girl as the cover photo.

That child in the background is thought to be Hodges’s own daughter.

Kimora Hodges Abuse Story: How Did She Kill The 1-Year-Old Baby?

Kimora Hodges abused the 1-year-old baby by throwing him on the wall and shaking him up pretty badly as the mother disclosed.

She further added that what she said was a bit of what actually happened as the officers reported it to her.

This clearly indicates that Kimora was assaulting and abusing the kid pretty roughly for a long time and all of the acts had an accumulated effect on the child.

While opening up, Taylor said about Hodges stating that the baby ate soap and was acting weird.

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