Kristina Ozturk Wikipedia Bio

Kristina Ozturk doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia bio page but here is what we know about her.

She is a 24-year-old woman who is mostly engaged in taking care of her babies and enjoying time with her family.

Kristina Ozturk with her babies and nannies to take care of them
Kristina Ozturk with her babies and nannies to take care of them (source :

While her professional background is not clear, it seems like the woman is in fact involved in some kind of work and is currently operating from home.

Besides that, she is also a well-recognized internet personality as more than 224k people follow her on Instagram.

Talking about her children, she has one kid from her previous relationship and the remaining 21 are from various surrogacies as per DailyMail.

Further on her surrogate children, the couple welcomed the first child in mid-2020 and the most recent one is around three months old.

Kristina Ozturk Husband Galip Ozturk Net Worth: How Rich Is The Turkish Businessman?

Kristina Ozturk’s husband, Galip Ozturk has an estimated net worth value of around $50- $100 million.

Bologny reports the Turkish businessman to have a fortune worth $45 million while the other sources even raise the number to over a hundred million.

However, the official confirmation of his valuation is still pending to this date.

Forbes confirmed Galips’s investment plan of around $500 million in Georgia back in 2020.

From this, we get a hint that the businessman might actually hold assets worth hundreds of millions.

But due to the lack of evidential facts, we cannot confirm an exact number.

Why Is Galip Ozturk Arrested?

Galip Ozturk was arrested for charges relating to money laundering and forging documents.

As per the sources, the authorities raided his house with a valid warrant and took the man under custody for the mentioned charges and involvements.

Kristina Ozturk and her husband, Galip, holding their children
Kristina Ozturk and her husband, Galip, holding their children (source :

Besides that, the detail about Galip fleeing Turkey in 2018 after an appeal court approved his life sentence relating to a murder dating to 1996 is also a well-known detail.

As of this date, he is not yet taken to court and run a detailed investigation as well as trial.

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