Who Is Maeva Ghennam Mere Salya Ghennam?

Meave Ghennam has been a viral personality on the Internet, thanks to her mother Salya Ghennam.

Salya Ghennam is a blogger and fashion enthusiast. The mother-daughter duo has always been flawless with their fashion sense, and are the role model for enthusiasts.

Salya’s Instagram is full of amazing snaps of pictures. She shared a picture with her daughter recently, and the comment section was full of praises.

Maeva does not miss a chance to credit her mom for all the success. She even took the compliment on her Instagram profile with a mother-daughter duo slaying in a blue dress.

She posted words full of love and thanked her for all the support she has shown towards the reality TV star. But, Maeva found herself in an unfaithful moment after her mom posted a picture on the social site.

 Photo On Twitter & Instagram: Explore The Social Media Personality Of The Reality TV Star 

The Instagram model, Maeva can be found on the platform with the username @maevaa.ghennam. The 25-year-old has a blue tick mark beside her name and has whopping 3.3 million followers. 

She regularly posts amazing pictures on her profile and has promoted her beauty brand on the bio of her Instagram. Apart from that, she uses her social media engagement to promote different clothing brands.

The Mirror Selfie Which Revealed The Nude Picture Of Maeava Ghennam
The Mirror Selfie Which Revealed The Nude Picture Of Maeava Ghennam (source :

Maeve has a sponsorship deal with lounge underwear and was seen in Dubai for a promotion campaign. Besides that, she is getting huge popularity on Twitter and Reddit as well.

The naked picture of Maeve posted by her mom is getting huge recognization on social sites. However, the photo was mistakenly uploaded by her mother.

Salya posted a beautiful mirror selfie on her Instagram story. Little did she know, her daughter Maeve was walking naked behind her in the pictures.

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Maeva Ghennam Biography: The Succesful Story Of The Social Media Star

Maeva Ghennam got huge recognization for participating in reality TV shows. Later on, she decided to take the career of a social media star.

The influencer took Instagram on a roll with her amazing pictures, which soon caught people’s eyes. Maeva started passing out fashion tips to her fans, and the number of viewers went on to increase.

With huge success as a social media influencer, Maeva has contracted with different brands as an ambassador and promoter digitally. 

The reality TV star enjoys her lavish lifestyle.

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