Who is Malik White? DC announces successor to Black Adam’s mantle after Teth-Adam

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DC has brought White Malik as a replacement for Black Adam in the twelve-unit comic series published ahead of the anti-hero’s live-action debut. In the September 2022 comic solicitations, the publisher revealed a cover image for Black Adam #4, where we see a young man in a white costume similar to Teth Adam’s black outfit.

The series comes from Black Panther writer Christopher Preist and art by Rafa Sandoval. Moving forward, we also got to know the official synopsis that reads:

“THERE IS NO REDEMPTION FOR BLACK ADAM. Thousands of years ago, did Black Adam inadvertently create a powerful race who’ve modeled themselves after the Akkadian pantheon of goddesses and gods? Or is he being gaslighted, taunted by illusions, by one of his many enemies? Theo Teth-Adam finds only more questions when he is lured to the Akkadian Hightower and given a cryptic message. Meanwhile, Adam has dispatched Etrigan the Demon, an unlikely ally, to either train his youthful successor or kill him.”

How did Black Adam choose White Malik as his successor?

The announcement of Black Adam getting a solo comic book series ahead of the upcoming film was made by DC Comics in March 2022. The first issue came out on June 21, 2022.

Most of the series will see White Malik as the titular character. In the third issue, we’ll see Teth’s immortality getting destroyed by an incurable plague, so from there, Malik will take the mantle of the anti-hero.

The first issue introduces White Malik as he crosses paths with Teth in a hospital. The latter deliberately searches for him as he thinks that Malik works there.

However, a nurse later informs him that no Dr. Malik was employed in the hospital. Of course, it wasn’t a big deal for Teth to find White Mallik.

When both come face-to-face, Teth asks Malik if he knows the Leader of the country’s Reform Movement, Shakur Nassar.

He also continues that Nassar was last seen in his place. He wants to know how both are connected.

Malik denies it, so the police take him into custody for interrogation. As he leaves the police station, a mysterious figure grabs White from behind and transports him to Kahndaq.

Here, he meets several people who greet him nicely, and later, Malik encounters a dying Teth Adam, who selects him as his descendent. Hence, from there, Malik develops his powers.

Malik also holds a strong personality with a will to help people in need, so we already know that he is somehow similar to the anti-hero. Hence, it would be exciting to see whether Malik can keep the legacy of Black Adam alive.

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