Who Is Nolan Arenado Wife Laura Kwan? More Details About The Cardinals Third Baseman Family

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The St. Louis Cardinals’ Nolan Arenado is a Major League Baseball player. On the baseball field, he is best known as the third baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Who Is Laura Kwan? The Cardinals Third Baseman Nolan Arenado Wife

Arenado debuted in Major League Baseball in 2013 with the Colorado Rockies, where he went on to become a six-time All-Star. In terms of power and average, as well as defensive range and arm strength, he’s a top hitter.

After hitting, he was named National League Player of the Month in April 2022. With 375 runs, five home runs, 17 RBIs, 12 extra base hits, and a 1.125 OPS, he leads the league.

The Age Difference Between Nolan Arenado and His Wife Laura Kwan

Laura Kwan has been Nolan Arenado’s long-term girlfriend and now wife. They first met in high school.

They have been together since they were teenagers. The couple married on December 14, 2019, in Laguna Beach, California, after a ten-year romance.

Arenado’s wife, Laura, has kept a quiet profile. As a result, no information regarding her work or personal life has been made public.

Her ancestors are of mixed Asian and American descent. Her father is Chinese-American, and her mother is American.

Nolan Arenado, a baseball player, is currently 31 years old. On April 16, 1991, he was born in Newport Beach, California to Fernando and Millie Arenado.

Laura Kwan is 41 years old right now. She was born in the United States to Edward Kwan and Susan Matthews Kawan.

Kwan’s precise date of birth, on the other hand, is unknown. She grew up with her sister Rachel Kwan and was an American citizen.

While maintaining a strong marriage, they maintained a healthy work-life balance. It’s unusual to come across such a wonderful love story.

Their daughter, Lydia Arenado, was born in the year 2019. Only a few details regarding their infant have been revealed because Nolan has kept his personal space secret.

His father is Cuban, and his mother is Cuban with Puerto Rican ancestry, so Nolan Arenado comes from a broad ethnic background.

With his two brothers, he grew up in Lake Forest, an Orange County city nestled between Irvine, Mission Viejo, and Laguna Hills.

His older brother’s name is Fernando Jr., while his younger brother, Jonah, was a corner infielder with the San Francisco Giants organization.

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