Who Is Sheila Ayers? Was The Buffalo 911 Dispatcher Fired?

Sheila Ayers is a former Enhanced 911 dispatcher at Erie County who was fired from her job and faced termination after she neglected a distress call from Jefferson Avenue Tops Mall’s assistant manager Latisha Rogers. Also, she reprimanded the caller for not speaking in a bigger voice and just whispering while Latisha was in a near-death situation as the shooter was roaming inside the mall and she was scared for her life.

 Buffalo 911 Dispatcher Sheila Ayers has been fired over her negligence on shooting call.
Buffalo 911 Dispatcher Sheila Ayers has been fired over her negligence on shooting call.

Following the accusations, Sheila Ayers was placed on leave and was soon fired from her job. Her court hearing was made on May 30, 2022, and she also reminded the public that there were two sides to the story and that they have been passing easy judgments on her before hearing her statement and accord. As per the legal bridles, she has not been allowed to shared her verdict at the time but will be allowed to pass public remarks after her legal proceedings and investigation. It has also been said that the very mishandling of the initial distress calls led to the delay in the emergency ambulance service to the victims and added to the casualties.

Explore Sheila Ayers’ Real Age And Facebook Details

Not many details have been shared about Erie County’s Enhanced 911 dispatcher Sheila Ayers at the time in order to maintain privacy over the delicate issue and to deviate from the hate comments being passed toward her family and herself.

Her Facebook details have been made unavailable at the moment. On June 2, 2022, her disciplinary hearing has been scheduled at the Buffalo Court.

Take A Look At Sheila Ayers’ Assigned Dispatcher Salary

No official estimate of dispatcher Sheila Ayers on the Enhanced Call Center for 911 emergence services has been shared. Sheila has been working at the station for over eight years and had no previous ill-discipline record indicated to her name.


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