Who Is Tanner Trujillo? Organ Donor Raven Goff Mother, What Happened With Raven Goff?

Who Is Tanner Trujillo? Organ Donor Raven Goff Mother, What Happened With Raven Goff?, , , : Raven Goff was the six-year-old daughter of Tanner Trujillo.

The little girl left the world on January 11, 2020, after meeting with a tragic accident.

Yes, Raven died in a car accident and caused her loved ones immense pain.

The young girl used to give her things to everyone who needed it.

Well, this is the reason why her mother Tanner has continued the tradition by donating organs.

It happened with the donation of the body parts of Raven Goff herself.

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In the fatal accident that took place on January 11, 2020, Raven Goff suffered severe psychological trauma.

After the accident, the 6-year-old was immediately taken to the hospital.

However, her destiny had something else planned for it as the doctors did all they could to save Raven’s life but could not save her.

When Raven’s family were informed about the organ donation, they had agreed right away.

Talking about her late daughter, Trunner Trujillo said that if Raven did not know any person’s name, she would simply call her ‘friend’. Trunner recalled her daughter’s kindness and big heart. Trunner further said that she did not know how many coats she had to buy for Raven because she would take them to school and give it to someone. When Raven was asked about her coats, she would say that she gave them to Kattie or whoever as they felt cold and that she can not take them back as she has gifted them that.

Raven Goff’s father Shane Goff called his daughter the most generous, caring, loving, and compassionate human being that he has ever met in his entire life.

The parents stated that when Raven was getting treated in Cook Children’s Medical Center, the doctors never gave them false hope as it was clear with her condition that she will not make it.

Dani Ransonette who had arrived for her shift as a bedside nurse in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) recalled the saddening day and got emotional.

Dani said that it was the worst day of the family’s life and she can relate to them as she had children too. Tanner and Shane said that Raven Goff always worried about other people and would give them her clothes whenever it was possible so they did not give donating organs a second thought and agreed to it. Now, they are continuing her legacy.

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