Who is Zack Bia? Olivia Rodrigo is reportedly dating Madison Beer’s ex-musician

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Olivia Rodrigo is said to be seeing a new man. The Grammy-winning singer is rumored to be going out with a musician named Zack Bia. People on social media came up with the hashtag “#OliBia” quickly by putting the names of both artists together. People were worried about Olivia Rodrigo because she was dating a guy who was a few years older than her.

Who is Zack Bia?

People magazine says that the singer of the hit song “Sour” is dating Zack Bia. A source told the publication, “They’ve been dating since the Super Bowl.” The source also said, “They really like each other.” This year, the 19-year-old singer broke up with her boyfriend, music video producer Adam Faze. Olivia has dated Joshua Bassett, Vinnie Hacker, Adam Faze, and Ethan Wacker in the past. Olivia and Zack haven’t said anything about their relationship yet.

Olivia Rodrigo’s new boyfriend is a music producer and DJ who used to work in the club business. The 26-year-old was born in New York and went to high school in Los Angeles. Bia went to college at USC and started working as a nightclub promoter at the same time. Zack Bia is said to have a lot of good friends in the elite circle of Hollywood, where people like Kendall Jenner and Drake are also friends.

‘At least we know the new album will be a hit’

Even though it is said that Zack Bia comes from a wealthy family, he has always denied this. Nearly 550K people like and follow him on Instagram. He has shared photos with famous people like Dominic Fike, Drake, Winnie Harlow, and Doja Cat on the app. When it comes to dating Olivia, there were first rumors that they were dating in April 2022. They were caught on camera in New York City. There were rumors that Zack Bia dated singer Madison Beer on and off, but the relationship ended in 2019. He has also been linked to Madelyn Cline, who is in the TV show “Outer Banks.”

When people heard that Olivia Rodrigo was dating Zack Bia, one said, “5-year age difference is kind of weird,” and another asked, “What do a 19-year-old and a 26-year-old have in common?” One user wrote, “Why do all the young pop girls do this? Please know your worth.” “SHE NEEDS TO START DATING PEOPLE HER AGE,” said the next person. One person said, “Girls will literally listen to Dear John and then do this.” Another tweet said, “She doesn’t have family or friends who can give her advice or something? Why does her teenage self want men who are seven or more years older than her, and why do they keep dating her? One person joked, “The second album is going to be interesting,” and another said, “At least we know the new album is going to be a hit, Chile.”

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