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Who Is Zerlina Maxwell Partner And What Is Her Relationship With Jess McIntosh?

Netizens want to explore who Zerlina Maxwell’s partner is. She is an American cable television host and writer.. . Follow us for more celebrity & entertainment updates.

Zerlina Maxwell Partner: Is She Married To Jess McIntosh In Real Life?

Netizens are excited to know whether Jess Mclntosh is Zerlina Maxwell’s partner or not. Are they married?

Officially, there is no conformational information relating to their relationship. However, both are social activists who worked for human rights.

Jess, an American political strategist, is a daughter of Nana M, Mclntosn, who worked for the New York City Department of Education. Her single mother raised her and raised her in the brought of the city. 

Her father is from Michigan. Attending New York University from 2000 to 2004, she graduated with a Master of Arts in English Language and Literature.

Once Maxwell mentioned a roommate’s boyfriend sexually assaulted her during her college time. She received support from the University. 

Zerlina Maxwell is the working partner of Jess McIntosh, an American political strategist.

She spent almost six years as the vice-president of communications in Washington, D.C., for the political action committee EMILY’s List and director for Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign from April to November 2016.

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Zerlina Maxwell Is An MSNBC Journalist 

Jess, the Democratic strategist, is an executive Editor of Shareblue Media. She is a commentator and co-host of the award-winning SiriusXM radio show. McIntosh co-hosted along with Zerlina, serving most of the time as a senior communications advisor for Hillary Clinton.

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Zerlina Maxwell, the Director of Progressive Programming at SiriusXM, is a Political Analyst for MSNBC.

The Former Director of Progressive Media for Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign, Zerlina, covered the progressive news for the media. Maxwell has pitched coverage to progressive media outlets by working in the campaign’s press shop.

Likewise, she was a campaign spokesperson for the Presidential Debates, who has consulted with the United States Department of States, promoting the use of social media. Zerlina is an influential speaker who initiated a campaign related to campus sexual assault and rape culture in the United States.

Moreover, the journalist was a field organizer for the 2008 Obama presidential campaign and worked as a host on Peacock TV.

Mclntosh, the former deputy communication director of EMILY’s List, joined the Hilary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign in May 2016. Furthermore, Jess and Maxwell worked for the same campaign.

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