Who Was Ernie Sigmon? Found Dead In Choptank River Check Death Cause

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The body of Mechanicsville man Ernie Sigman who had been reported missing for six months has been found by the authorities. As per reports, the cops found Ernie’s body on Monday, June 20, 2022, in Dorchester County. The man was last seen on December 29, 2022, and was missing for more than six months. Following his disappearance, the family had filed a missing complaint and had gathered the troop to pray to the Lord for his return on January 7, 2022. Now, it is coming forward that Ernie’s body has finally been found. Get all the details here.

According to reports. the body of Ernie Sigman has been found after 173 days. As mentioned, Ernie’s lifeless body was found in the Choptank River in Dorchester County on June 20, 2022. Even though the body has been found, the authorities are still continuing with their investigation into the case. Let us tell you that Sigmon’s ship was found in December 2021 only but the authorities could not locate him. The search for Ernie went on for about six months.

Despite all their efforts, the cops could not find the Mechanicsville man alive and ended up finding his dead body only. Reports claim that the officials even used underwater sonar to find Sigmon. Believing the sources, a resident of the Choptank called the police and informed them about finding a dead body in the river. The police reached the scene on Monday around 11 and started investigating the case. It has already been stated.

At 1 PM, Sigmon went fishing in the country, and two hours later, people saw him. He never returned to the boat after that and left no traces of his whereabouts. Sigmon appeared to have been killed after falling off the fishing boat. The fisherman has not been seen aboard the boat since December. People later observed him on the Choptank River and reported him to the police. However, the real cause of Erin’s death has yet to be discovered.

The police are investigating the case. They had been investigating the subject for almost six months when they came upon the report yesterday. Sigmon was 44 years old when he became disoriented on the boat. Ernest Sigmon III, a man from Mechanicsville, was identified as the suspect. His family is quite pleasant. He has also told his son and wife about every experience he has shared on social media. Let us add that Sigmon’s 25-foot boat sank a few months ago in the Chesapeake Bay, but his family was still hoping to find him.

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