Who were Chase Garrett and Christina Dang? Parents of 4-month-old baby shot dead after argument over dog

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Chase Garrett, 39, and Christina Dang, 27, both of Hartford, Connecticut, were killed in a driveway shortly after 9 p.m. on Father’s Day. The mayor said it was because of a “minor personal dispute.” After arguing with a neighbor about a dog, the parents of a 4-month-old baby were shot and killed.

The parents were pronounced dead at the scene. A third victim, a woman who lived at the same place, was taken to the hospital in a very bad condition. “This is a tragic chain of events, and it’s heartbreaking to think that two people died and a third is still in critical condition because of a small disagreement that turned violent,” said Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin on Monday, June 20. He went on to say that the presence of the baby, who “we now think is an orphan,” is “very painful and especially tragic.”

Dang gave birth to a baby girl in February. Her older sister, Julie, said that the baby was “a beautiful soul full of life.” She said, “She was a mother to a 4-month-old named Chosen, and she died because of a stupid fight.” “It’s hard for a child to lose both parents on the same night and on Father’s Day, a day that should be loved.”

Police say that because of the shooting, the baby is now in the care of the Department of Children and Families. Police said that as of Tuesday morning, they had taken away a car that they think was used as a getaway car. Even though a person of interest has been found, police have not said that they have any suspects.

“This is part of a very, very worrying trend that is happening not just in Hartford but all over the state and country… which is small disagreements between people turning violent very quickly. Bronin says that when guns are involved, these fights end in death. He says that the child’s life will never be the same because a small fight over a dog turned into a tragic shooting.”

Relatives of the couple say that they moved to Hartford to raise their child and be closer to Garrett’s family. Olivia Anderson, Dang’s cousin, told NBC that she was trying to do better for herself and her family.

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