Why did Faze Swagg Break Up with their Girlfriend Maria? Split Reason Explained

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Why did Faze Swagg Break Up with their Girlfriend Maria? Split Reason Explained: This news is from the eSports industry and a very big franchise at that. Yes, we are talking about the famous Faze franchise. The gamer that we are going to be talking about is the famous YouTuber and gamer Faze Swagg. We have received news that he has currently broken up with his girlfriend, Maria. This has become a hot topic for many fans of gaming and also Faze fans. He is widely popular for his videos on COD: Black Ops 3. He has been on the platform for quite a while. His debut video on the game was posted long back in 2013. Follow More Updates On

Why did Faze Swagg Break Up with their Girlfriend Maria?

He has more than 2.47 million subscribers on Youtube and has been sponsored by Gamma Labs & Kontrol Freek as well. He has been a content creator for Faze for a long time and is still making content as a part of the franchise. He also has a huge following on his Instagram profile as well. Basically, he enjoys all the perks of being in a big franchise and is making the full of it.

FaZe Swagg broke up with his girlfriend Maria

It was recently announced by Swagg that he has broken up with his girlfriend, Maria, and has separated after a long time spent together. This was announced officially on his Twitter account. He also tweeted that he wants to be honest with his fans after explaining his separation from his girlfriend.

Although, he didn’t mention any details and focused only on the breakup part. He insisted that everyone who follow him should respect his privacy and that it was a mutual decision and they shouldn’t hold anyone responsible for the events.

FaZe Swagg and Maria’s relationship

Just before that he also tweeted and apologized for the lack of streams on his channel recently. These two tweets can be connected and you can see the link between them. They must have been going through a painful which might have made it difficult for him to come online and stream. He also mentioned him having some internet issues as well.

His girlfriend, Maria, on the other hand, has not stated anything and remains silent for the time being. They haven’t clarified the reason for the breakup and want the people to respect their decision and not pry too much into the details. So, it is essential that there are no rumors and if any official statements are released then we will update you as soon as possible.

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