Why Is Dana Perino Not On The Five?

Dana Perino is in The Five, she has left her own show The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino to her co-host Bill Hemmer. Similarly, through The Five she is still engaging in political discussions and giving viewers a new perspective of the political agenda of the representatives. 

Dana Perino in her show
Dana Perino in her show “The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino”

Likewise, Dana Perino seems to have taken a small break due to the death of her dog, she also went on vacation with her family. Later on, Dana adopted a new dog named “Percy”, through the adoption, she seems to be at her happiest now. 

Needless to say, Dana is one of the important anchors of Fox who has been with the organization for more than a decade. Her reputation and accomplishments make her a significant asset to Fox. 

To emphasize, Dana has served as the 26th White House press secretary, she has also served as deputy press secretary and later she worked with Obama Administration on the broadcasting board of governors. 

Where Is The Fox News Host Going? What Happened To Her?

Fox News host is not going anywhere, she is staying put in her current position, as her work within the Fox shall reward her more than getting out of the organization and seeking employment elsewhere. 

Dana Perino with her husband and her dog
Dana Perino with her husband and her dog

Likewise, she is a household name in the US, where viewers wait for her program and debates thus Fox needs her as much as she needs Fox. 

Moreover, she shall have new avenues and opportunities open up in terms of her professional life, she is likely to gain further momentum and optimum stability in Fox’s media. 

At present, she is happy, as she seems to be playful with her dog Percy, she tends to upload pictures of the dog rather than various news of the people. 

Ultimately, viewers do acknowledge her ability to provide clear insight into the political situation in the country 


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