Wirda Mansur is suspected of lying after claiming to be an Oxford graduate, Netter reveals a series of evidence

: Wirda Mansur is stated to have lied to the public relating to his education degree. His acknowledgment as a graduate from Oxford University has been puzzled after the circulate of this evidence.
Wirda Mansur’s identify turned into a hot dialog on social media. This came about after he opened a query and solution consultation on Instagram Story/
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The daughter of Ustaz Yusuf Mansur is thought to be to have made a public lie about her education degree. A Twitter account with the identify @strawbeelly created a thread discussing information relating to Wirda’s tutorial background.

The account proprietor discovered discrepancies in the information on the Linkedin account belonging to Wirda Mansur who claimed to be a graduate from the University of Oxford. However, when undertaking questions and solutions with netizens, this 20-year-old lady even admitted that she won an undergraduate education at UoB or the University of Birmingham via majoring in Business Enterprise.

It didn’t prevent there, netizens have been an increasing number of puzzled via different information attachments which defined that the proprietor of Wirda Salamah Ulya’s complete identify was a scholar at the Daarul Quran Institute, which is the campus of his father. No doubt netizens referred to as Wirda a lie.

In addition, it sort of feels that Wirda Mansur has additionally responded questions about his tutorial historical past by the use of Instagram. The famous person and younger entrepreneur admitted that he took the Package B and C assessments when he was in school.

“I went from kindergarten to elementary school at Daarul Quran, junior high school in Jordan connected to America, but I didn’t finish so I joined the package in Indo. Then high school in England, just for a moment. Join the package again at Indo,” stated Wirda in his add on Instagram Story.

After being investigated, it is suspected that Wirda best took summer season categories at Oxford, and was not a graduate of the prestigious college. “For your information, he doesn’t study at Oxford, he only takes a short summer program class,” defined the @strawbeelly account whilst attaching a photo that Wirda had shared on her social media.

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