Zach Latham (tiktoker) killed his neighbour & arrested for Fame

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Zach Latham is going to be tried for murder this year since it is believed that he murdered his neighbour William Durham Sr after a verbal argument between the two of them escalated into a vicious fight between them.

On May 4, 2020, the life of an innocent guy was tragically cut short by Latham, an infamous American TikToker who hailed from the state of New Jersey. In particular, Zach desired to become famous on social media, and in order to do so, he had been engaging in ludicrous behaviours on TikTok in the hope of attracting the attention of other users.
In addition, he was a nuisance to his neighbour because he frequently disturbed them and had been a nuisance to them over the course of the preceding few years. In addition to this, it is stated that Latham harassed the wife of one of his neighbours and verbally assaulted the other neighbours.

In another incident, he attempted to run down Durham’s sons with his car when one of them was riding down the street. Additionally, he engaged in physical conflict with Durham and verbally abused him. Because the authorities indicated that Zach Killed Durham to Gain People’s Attention on TikTok, this case has caused tension among the users of social media.

Tiktok: Zach Latham Arrested Murder Charges & Verdict

In the year 2020, Zach Latham was taken into custody on suspicion of having murdered his neighbour. In addition, he was charged with manslaughter, severe assault, and possession of a firearm by the police department. On the other hand, Zach claimed that he inadvertently stabbed Durham while defending himself. Zach stated that this was an accident. However, as of this date, the court has not yet issued its decision in the case.
Additionally, Zach’s wife Sarah is said to have filmed the incident in order to publish the footage to TikTok in the hopes of gaining recognition for herself. Despite this, Durham’s family has alleged that they went to Latham’s house as he was making attacks against Durham’s family on social media.

Zach Latham whereabouts

Since his release from jail in May 2022, Zach Latham has been spending his time at this point with his loved ones, as the court ordered him to do so. Nonetheless, his court date is set for the latter half of the year 2022. In addition, the court has charged Latham and his wife, in addition to two others who joined the fight, with first-degree murder. These individuals all participated in the altercation.
In particular, his neighbour William Durham Sr. had a lot of experience working in the prisons system. After Durham had entered Zach’s home, Zach claimed that he equipped himself with a stun pistol and a cutter. On the other hand, it began as a disagreement and quickly escalated into a vicious fight.
The families of Zach and Durham have been staying up late in anticipation of the next trial date. In contrast, a grand jury in Cumberland County charged Zach with reckless manslaughter in addition to two charges of aggravated assault and firearms violations.

Information Regarding Sarah Latham, Zach Latham’s Wife, and Their Children

Zach Latham is a man that is very content in his marriage. Years have passed since he first started dating the woman who would later become his wife, Sarah Latham. While this is going on, a lot of people are curious about his children at this point in time. However, as of this date, he has not provided the public with a great deal of information regarding his family member.
On the other side, his wife was taping the violent episode so that she could submit it on Tiktok. According to reports, Sarah’s goal on TikTok was to attract the attention of the general population.

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